Claustrophobia anyone?

We just bought a new board game called Claustrophobia. Thought you all might be interested because it has a dungeon crawl feel. It’s 2 player only, and it’s pretty quick – probably around an hour once you learn the rules. It’s good for a week night game fix.

Here’s the run down:
You play either the humans or the demons. The humans are tough dudes, but they are running for their lives. The demons are trying to stop the humans from reaching their goal, and are numerous, but expendable. So, the strategies for playing are different for each side.

The board consists of tunnels, built with randomly selected tiles, so neither player knows what’s coming up next. The terrain is treacherous, but it’s not the same board every time you play, which is really nice. There are dice that affects your resources/abilities each turn, and you need decent strategy to maximize the resulting situation. There’s not a lot of turns – about 10, so you have to be bold yet smart.

The artwork and bits are great, and the minis are painted. I thought the game pieces were designed in a logical way to help you remember the rules. (except whoever translated the rules doesn’t know a square from a circle)

Fun game. A bit pricy for a two player at $65 smackers, but could be worth it, if you end up turning to it a lot for school-night entertainment.
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