Wiki How To...

I've never done much with the wiki section of the site, but I'm doing a lot of collaborative setting creation with my current campaign and I though it would be handy. That said, is there an easy "how to" anywhere on the site? I can't, for example, set up links from one page to open another child wiki without linking it as an outside page that opens a new tab (which is annoying).

It seems odd that the site doesn't have any reference page to show people how to use their features. Am I missing it somewhere?
I thought there was, but the Formatting Guide doesn't list Wiki specific stuff. You can use double square brackets to link directly to a Wiki page entry, but it needs to be exact: [[Elves]] or [[Town of Highland]]. And for references {{Smartax}}

There are also buttons that do that as well, the Wiki and Ref Buttons link directly to the Wiki entry or the References entry.
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