Wiki how

In our homebrew game we have a crafting system that is used by one character extensively. Just about every game he creates one or two new items is wanting a wiki page to record and organize them by types. I don't know very much about the wiki and wet only just started setting one up. . Is there a way to make a form to input the information and auto create a new page while adding a wiki link to an alphabetical list under categories?

Essentially one page would have a link at the top to create be item. This page would include the date entry for type (weapon, armor, gadget, misc) information on the item itself and maybe even a place to input a picture web address.

When submitted it creates the page under the category for invented(type) and adds that new page to a list on the first page under a column for its type.

Is this possible? If so can someone help me?
There is no way to automate Wiki additions. You would have to set up categories and subcategories yourself and use a copy/paste for the form. Then enter any data manually.

It is possible to also use the inventory/loot system to keep track of the real world date added as well as any additional information, including any GM notes on the item. Just add a new loot item and set all the parameters when you create it. Add extra descriptive text in the item itself.
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