Bioshock RPG

Seeing if anyone wants to work on, or even has been working on, a Bioshock RPG. No publishing involved, just for home-brew campaigns.

Currently I am keeping most of the mechanics as D20 Modern/3.5 (mostly for the sake of me and the players) but splash in pieces of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system from Fallout (namely a % based skill system and a point-buy level up system, and using Luck as a stat)

I want percentage for skills to 1) Cap what a normal human being can do, and 2) use them for firing weapons (ex: "Small Weapons" skills from Fallout) or using exotic ammo.

I'm thinking a point-buy when leveling up and just doing a generic class. So, like Fallout, you "create your own class" based on your selection of skills, upgrades, and feats/perks.

All the fun starts when people begin splicing. The idea is that the players are normal people (Marines, Cia, FBI, KGB, whatever) and are in Rapture to learn, find tech, get ADAM for research, rescue, etc.

Stuck trying to streamline a starting profession/career, starting package, whatever you want to call it. 1) It provides the Tag skills (for the percentage skill system) and 2) helps the players feel like they are playing a CIA agent, Navy SEAL, or what have you. The Profession needs to provide a simple bonus to combat.
Not sure if you have access to any of the information or if you can find info online about it. But the "Deadlands" Gaming system sounds like something that you would want to look at.

the entire system could be easily adapted to what you want, its a d6 based skill system with influence on characters, and if you want to throw in a FBI/DEA feel then look into "The Agency" All the information that you would want about covert KGB/FBI secret type stuff.

That should get you started if your really interested bud. I've played that system and its alot of fun. It really wouldnt be very hard to just reskin the entire system and apply the eerie bioshock atmo to it, along with swapping out d6's in place of d20's by simply not allowing players to level up skills as fast and doing away with the open ended system.

Of course you could just keep d6's and just reskin it, but its up to you. =)
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