Pre-Chapter 6: Philip's Downtime

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This is the thread to handle downtime activity for Philip.

You can find all the downtime activities available for review here.

You have 61 days available for downtime.

Recommended Actions:
  • Catch up on experience. (CR15=51200, thus needs 1 day)
  • Earn capital by various means of farming or magicial means.
  • Travel to Alben to perform the ritual for the Super Soft.
  • Gather information regarding Xin-Shalast and Mhar Massif.
  • Retrain using goods, influence, labor, or magic costs.
  • Build a building for use of starting a store, guild, etc.

You have the current available capital in Sandpoint:
Goods: 50
Influence: 25
Labor: 50
Magic: 75

+The use of skills for skilled work depend on the skill, and what you intend to achieve with said skill.
+If using Magic to have a magic item crafted or copying spells, 1 unit of magic is equivalent to 100gp.
+Sandpoint is a small town, and thus will have a daily spending limit of 15.
My primary goal at this time will be to travel to Alben in order to complete the Super Soft Spell. I still have the problem of summoning the elder flame elemental. I believe I can learn the proper summoning spell, but we discussed that it would not last for long enough. What do you suggest?
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There are other methods available to you that can work for this.
I would encourage looking into the mechanics of binding an outsider to work for this method.

While the spellcasting potential in Sandpoint is nowhere as powerful as yours is right now, Magnimar has spell casting potential equal to you. Perhaps the spell you need can be found there.