Is this thing still on?

Is this still being worked on? Trying to decide between this and obsidian portal. I like the price here though but can you have Co gms?
It sort of is what it is. I have been unable to donate to support the site for ages now. It continues to function, but no development is happening and no feedback is given. So you get what you pay for (and since you cannot pay, what you see is what you get).

BTW, I have tried sending PMs to the Admin every couple of months for 129 days now and nothing.
The admin will sometimes show up and fix a bug and then vanishes again.

I have managed to pay and become a supporter for two years in a row with no issue, but others do have issues. I'm not sure why.

In any case, this is the best option, I think, though I fear what will happen. On the other hand, I'm run my campaigns here for 5 years now.
I've been able to try to pay but just didn't complete transaction. I was little concerned with support level. I saw in past that dev would dissappear for months at a time but hadn't seen anything recently.
I was reading over on op forum's and while it seems they are actively working on the site the devs aren't responsive to issues and just this past weekend the site was down.

Does epic words support multiple gms? Essentially I want to set something up for our group for my gm who isn't as tech savy. He wouldn't be using it at the table but we could use it for scheduling, posting recaps, maps and area information.
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Yeah, OP going down last weekend was why I am looking for alternatives. I have an extensive site and I don't want to sweat out another weekend wondering if my work is gone forever. All the devs had to do to alleviate fears was to write a single sentence on the forum.

I made accounts for City of Brass and Scabard and here, liked Epic Words best, then found out I couldn't upgrade and that this site is pretty much dead. I wish someone would take the best features from all four of those sites and open up something better than the sum of their parts ... but that would take a programming level I'm nowhere near cognizant of.
I've looked at both those other options and didn't really like scabbard honestly. City of brass does look good but it's not the tool I need for our group. I find it to be more a campaign maanger only. We need more then that. This site looks like what we want but the Co gm feature and lack of dev presence is also a reason for not jumping on board. It's only $12 for year which isn't terrible.

Op does seem a good choice and it's really popular but they have their own issues.

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I haven't tried it, but there's a screen in the campaign configuration where you can assign GM powers to someone, and the label is "There are no other GMs in in this campaign." That implies there's co-GM setups.
Yeah, its sad but is down for a while now. Anyone knows of any other site that does something similar to what maplib used to do? five nights at freddy's
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