The end of Epic Words? Let's hope not . . .

Hello all,
It seems that Epic Words' domain registration is up this year (2019) and I would love to help out by assuming that and perhaps rounding up a team to maintain the site. I cannot seem to find any contact information for the admin/owner and messages seem to go unanswered. The WHOIS directory just tells me the registrar's name not the actual registrant so it is of no help. Is anyone in contact with him or her?

To validate my seriousness, I will state my qualifications. I am a long time gamer, having started playing D&D around 1981. I am involved in a number of groups and conventions that bring people together to game or using gaming for other purposes. Some of these groups include The Bodhana Group, NEPA D&D Meetup and MEPACON. By day, I am a senior director at a tech company and at night, I am a doctoral student working on a dissertation focused on fantasy roleplaying as a leadership development tool. Games are a big part of my life.

I believe I have both the know how to raise money for us and access to the technical expertise of others that will help Epic Words grow and flourish. We just need to partner with the current owner to bring more of his or her vision to light.

DM of "Tales of the Elsir Vale: Restoration"
A Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign

By the way, in case you were wondering, I have been an Ascendant member of Obsidian Portal since 2009 (csp_gtp2) and a supporter of the Reforged Initiative from several years ago. I believe there is room for both platforms to be successful and that we can learn from each other . . .
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