Cybersecurity in 2020

Cybersecurity is to protect your personal or business computer from the attacks of hackers that try to steal your information. Not only the information this hacker can also use your system sitting at their locations and use your computer to perform unethical tasks. In today's world, cybersecurity is treated as a separate field. This is because of the increasing attacks on computer systems through wireless networks or the internet. The attacks on the computer system are mostly due to internet connectivity, while the attacks on smartphones and smart television are due to wireless networks.

Mobile and computer systems are not only the devices that can be attacked by a cyber hacker but all the devices that form the internet of things. Due to the complexity in terms of technology, policies and politics, cybersecurity is one the biggest challenge that is faced in this world. The behaviour of employees plays an important role in cybersecurity as most of the employees do not consider themselves as part of the organisation.

Most of the students are getting information related to cybersecurity from the Nursing Assignments UK. With the growth in the number of smart devices and computer systems, there is now an increase in the chance of cyber-attacks. The departments like utility and industrial sector, financial systems, aviation devices, normal user devices, devices of big firms, and government devices are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
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