Who made chapters in the Quran?

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The history and the origin of the Holy Quran manifest how the holy book of Allah was revealed. How it was compiled and put into the order. How the verses were arranged and who arranged them. We can also get a detailed insight into the history of the Quran if we learn Quran online via various authentic sites. Let’s plunge into the history of the Quran to know everything from revelation to assemblage to the dissemination of the verses.

The brief account of the history of the Quran:

The origin of the holy book of Allah takes us back to the old Islamic era. The time when the revelation of the Islamic book of Allah began.

The Revelation:

According to Islamic scholarly beliefs and history, the beginning of the revelation of the Quran first occurred in 610 AD. It was verbally revealed to the last prophet of Allah, Muhammad(PBUH). It happened in the cave of Hira when the angel Gabriel appeared in the cave. He started reciting the first verses of chapter 96, also known as surah al-Alaq, the first-ever revelation. The revelations continued until the death of the Holy Prophet in 632 AD. the Holy Prophet was 40 at the time of the first revelation. It was the month of Ramadan when the verses were first revealed.

The Compilation:

The Quran as it is known in the present was first compiled into book form by Zayd ibn Thabit and other scribes under the first caliph Abu Bakr Siddique and then recompiled at the time of the third caliph Uthman ibn Affan for standardization as the Islamic Empire had extended to far-flung areas resulting in a differing recitation of the Quran. Hence, the Quran was recompiled for uniformity in reciting it. For this reason, the Quran as it exists today is also known as the Uthmanic codex. The authentic online Quran schools give more insight into the subject provided you learn Quran online.

Preservation of holy verses of the Quran:

After the demise of the Prophet, the tempest of dereliction squirmed Arabia. The Companions needed to dive into grisly fights to smother it. Numerous Companions who had retained the Quran suffered greatly. This prompted 'Umar, a close friend, and future caliph, to illustrate that the Quran should be protected and recorded not only orally but also in the writing. He put forth the idea to Abu Bakr, the first caliph. After slight wavering, Abu Bakar agreed and endowed the undertaking to Zayd ibn Thabit al-Ansari, who had worked as a scribe of the Holy Prophet.

The method settled on was to attempt to gather every composed bit of the Quran left behind by the Prophet, just as those in the ownership of the Companions. At the point when the sum total of what this had been done, help was looked for from the individuals who had remembered the Quran. No section was fused into the Quranic codex except unless all of the three sources were in complete agreement. In this manner, a legitimate form of the Quran was compiled. It was kept in the care of Hafsah, a widow of the Holy Prophet and girl of 'Umar, and individuals were allowed to make duplicates of it and furthermore to utilize it as the standard of correlation while correcting the slip-ups they may have recorded as a hard copy down the Quran.

Who Arranged the Verses?

Who is responsible for the current order of the Quran? Who arranged the place of verses in the Quran? Who divided the holy Quran into chapters? The Quran was revealed to the Prophet and it was the Prophet himself who decided the order arrangement and the division of the Quran into chapters by Allah’s will. The prophet would command his scribe to write them down. The verses were inscribed upon the palm leaves, pieces of bone, leather, and scraps of parchment. This was one way of preserving the holy Quran. The other way to preserve it was the memorization of the verses by Muslims.
Every time a chapter was revealed, he would summon his scribes and give them clear instructions about the order of verses. Their duty was to write down the verses and chapters that were sent down. The assortment of the Quran reached a conclusion on the very day that its revelation finished. The one worthy of the holy book’s revelation can only be the one able to fix the arrangement of the verses. The one whose heart was the container of the Quran was additionally answerable for orchestrating its grouping in like manner. This was tremendously noble and too delicate an undertaking for any other person to have the privilege to do it.
The places of the verses and chapters in the Quran were informed to the Prophet (PBUH) by Gabriel. The Prophet (PBUH) himself chose the verses where to be placed. It was not the companions who arranged the verses or the number of the chapters. The recitation of the Quran in the prayers became obligatory after it was revealed. It was made compulsory in order to retain and preserve the holy verses.

Quran after Muhamad’s death:

After the death of the Prophet (PBUH), it became necessary for the text of the Quran, the divine guide, to be compiled and arranged in such a way that even one word of it would not be doubted and it would not be opposed up to the Day of Judgment. The order of the verses, surahs, and the chapters of the Quran was instructed and arranged by the prophet. After his demise, it was compiled and recompiled into the book format by his Companions. All they did was arrange all the manuscripts and the orally memorized verses of the Quran into one complete standardized book. The place of verses and the chapters remained intact. No one can ever doubt the authenticity of the Holy Quran. The Quran we possess today is just the same. It is unquestionable. Doubting the legitimacy and the accuracy of the Quran is the same as doubting the universal facts such as ‘Sun rises in East and sets in West’ or ‘humans are mortal’.
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