Injury At Work Claim For Your Own Fault. Can You Claim?

matter how careful you are at work, you may somehow get injured at work. Some injuries are serious in nature that may paralyse you for a certain time while others aren’t that grave. If you’re living in the UK, you would know that you can make an injury at work claim. It is the compensation money that the insurance company of the employer gives to the victim of a work accident.

But getting this compensation isn’t that easy. Plus, there are a bunch of questions in people's minds regarding their eligibility to make work injury claims. Some don’t know whether they’re eligible if they’re entirely at fault. While others are curious to know whether they can claim or not when they’re partially at fault for the accident. Let us get the answers to all these questions one by one starting from nitty-gritty.

Eligibility For An Injury At Work Claim

It’s better to know about the eligibility criteria before getting answers to the other questions. In the UK, you can make a work accident claim if you have conceived an injury at work due to the negligence of someone else. Let us make it even simpler.
Your employer has certain responsibilities regarding your safety at work. If the employer doesn’t pay attention to it and you are working in an unsafe environment, you may sustain an injury at work. In this case, you can make an injury at work claim against your employer. You can claim that the employer was negligent about your safety at work hence they are at fault for your accident.

Can You Claim If You're At Fault?

It isn’t necessary that the employer is always at fault for the accident. Sometimes, employees work recklessly and get themselves injured at work. Under this case, they cannot make a workplace accident claim. It is because there has to be someone on whom you can put the liability of the accident. But in a case where you were negligent at the time of the accident, there is no one to blame except you. Hence, you cannot file a workplace injury claim in this case.

Can You Claim If You’re Partially At Fault?

Here comes the middle ground. Let us say that you’re at fault but not entirely. Your employer was also negligent about your safety at work. In this case, where you’re partially at fault, you can make a work injury compensation claim. However, your amount of compensation will be reduced significantly. If you’re 50% at fault, you may get the compensation money that covers your 50% expenses.

It's Better To Hire Injury Claim Specialists

Even if you think you are at fault for the accident, never utter any word like this. Always portray yourself to be innocent. Plus, you should hire injury claim specialists instead of taking it in your own hands. Workplace injury claims are already complicated cases, having your partial fault make them more intricate. However, hiring injury claim specialists can save you and you may successfully make your injury at work claim with the maximum amount of compensation.