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New Feature Request

As I have restarted my game (D&D 4e) and started posting journals I am wondering if we could have an encounter text box right under the session.

I find myself breaking the journals into each of the encounters so I would like to be able to have a separate box for session name and encounter name.

Session: Save the City 01-11-11
Encounter: Blood Knives
Blah blah blah...

Session: Save the City 01-11-11
Encounter: Death of Ethwyn
Blah blah blah

What does everyone think. I know it is very 4e but I would use this approach running any RPG.

Also it would be nice to have a real life date counter that could be set to the session date. Month dialog, day dialog, year dialog. They could all default to 'today's' date and we could change them.

I'm not clear on what additional features you are requesting. You want a box under a journal entry that allows you to enter the date, and name an encounter? Can't you do that in the journal post itself?
I suppose that another field for sessions and encounters wouldn't be an issue. I have in the past thought about allowing journal posts to reference a session in the calendar as well. I would have to figure out the UI, of course.
I just put relevant information [number, title, characters, etc] at the top of the journal, with the date in the title.

Session 0.3 - Hey, Can I Lookit That. . .? [N/A]
Introducing Raccoon the. . . Raccoon
Episode Number/Title: Volume 1, Episode 3 - Hey, Can I Lookit That. . .?
Characters Involved: racoon, the White Queen [?], the Red Queen [?], The White Rabbit

And then the summary.

I just like to have boxes and fields for items as it keeps my thoughts more organized. In some ways what is presented here is very 4e "ish" and 4e promotes a session and encounter structure more in your face then other systems. However I think they all benefit from this type of structure.

When I browse the jourmals it would appear that most posts are a session summary and I am hoping to offer the additional boxes as an option/alternative/encouragement. I like to make one journal entry for encounter in the session. This way it is not a large run on post.

So the format would be:

Session: Save Reedle, Encounter: Bloodknives
Session: Save Reedle, Encounter: Ethwyns Death

The other thing that I do is browse back through the encounter journals and record the xp of each encounter in the encounter, so again I am looking for separation between encounters and a slightly added structure in each encounter.

Anyway hopefully a better description of my how's and why's not that this works for everyone.


Examples of two separate journals for my last game.

Wyld in the Streets "The Calvary" (01/25/11)

Wyld in the Street

Dark mists begin to drift down the center street from the main city gates. These mist coalesce into a brigade of charging centaurs. However these centaurs lack all traces of their natural versions, they are laced with dark lines, like black blood coursing through their veins. Their eyes are milky white and their faces show a mask of madness and rage. It would appear that their bones have grown through their bodied in many areas lending to their twisted look and possible providing additional protection. Their spiked black armor plates seem to blot out the morning sun as they slash through Gold Cloak troops unprepared for their ferocity. Several wield 6' tall bows made of ashen wood and bone. They hack down any who cross their path with obsidian black bastard swords or black razor full-arm blades. Sir Janis meets the larger lead centaur head on blade for blade.

Warped Centaurs

Encounter 9800 XP
Level 18
Opponents 13

Warped Centaur Ravager x2
Warped Centaur Fey Charger
Warped Centaur Hunter x4
Warped Centaur Mystic x2
Warped Centaur Minion x4

Encounter 9800 Experience Points!

Bonus XP Section - Under Construction

Current XP

Attending Session "The Calvary" (01/25/11)

the following player were present for the session:

Arthas Vallandar
Borric conDoin
Korvak Spikescale

Attending Session 650 Experience Points!

Bonus XP Section - Under Construction

Current XP
There would be other ancillary benefits as well. With having these fields separated out, it:
  • Promotes consistent usage across the site. When there are fields called out with specific meaning, people are more likely to fill in that kind of information. This also means that gathering and presenting this information becomes more uniform.
  • Separates meta-data from the actual journal post. This can improve search results as words like 'session' or 'episode' don't show up in every single post. I can increase/decrease the weight of the meta data without affecting how the actual content of journals is weighted.
  • Creates potential integration with other features in the site. E.g. It would be cool to have all the links to related journal posts for each session on the calendar page.
  • Improves search.
Just checking in to see if there is any progress on this feature?

It's been half implemented. There is still some UI that needs to be worked out.
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