Calendar Enhancements

Amy thoughts on having a next or previous year tag for gaming and campaign calendar.

As the Roll of Ages drifts by it would be nice to be able to take large moves through the sessions. The only reason I notice is I found the campaign journal for my first 6 4th Edition games in 2008, so I created session and journal posts.

Finished and went back later to edit the session and many previous arrows later, I arrived back at the sessions in 2008. So now it makes me think about a year from now.

Not a ground shaking request, IMHO should not be tall on the priorities.

Maybe a session list page that shows a list of the session 1 line per session or something.


Priority even lower now. I just passed my perception check looking at the url

The key appears to be ?month=6&year=2008 in this example.

Sweet the power of internet.

We are contemplating a 'list view' for sessions. Rather than making you step through by month, we would show the 10-20 upcoming/past events listed in order and then you could paginate through the next 10-20, and so on. That would help people who only play once a month or so.
Nice and straight forward solution.

Hey just wanted to shout out a thank you for the new calendar view Enhancements.

List View & Past Sessions

Very nice and simple.