New Player help?

Hello everyone,
Im interested in playing D&D. But now one in my area plays. So I looked on the internet for other ways to play D&D and eventualy I found this site.
I was hoping to join a group here and play via Skype or another voicechatprogram. I know that I need dices, the book and a program like Maptool but is there anything more I need?
Two things:

1. You do not require physical dice, maps, or character sheets if you are using a program such as Fantasy Grounds. FG is a popular Virtual Table Top (VTT), but it isn't free, and there is a learning curve associated with it (i.e. you may find that you are not able to do everything with it that you want to do the very instant you install it - be patient and watch the tutorials).

2. You say you know you need "the book." If you're referring to the Player's Handbook (of whatever edition), and you intend to be a player but not a Dungeon Master, then you'll probably be fine. Please understand, though, that there are many... MANY rulebooks available. You may want to verify what all rulebooks you'll be expected to have available before committing to a campaign, just to avoid complications. It's not hard to find friendly gamers, though, so if you need help with some particular rules, you can probably get it.