I was wondering if EpicWords could add stats for PC's and NPC's.
The problem with that is deciding on which system to support. EW has games being run on dozens of different systems. A custom stat system might be possible, but it would be a rather large undertaking to implement and would probably end up being very difficult or confusing for people to use. Still... It might be worth thinking about.
I just type that information in the GM only section -- if you play 4e and use ddi, you can copy text versions of monsters/npcs out of the Character Builder and the Monster Tool.

Can't speak for other systems, though.
I suggest using a wiki for the different character stats

Maybe a wiki called character stats

And then a child wiki for each character name with stats.

This allows you as e GM and the player to edit them as compared to the character which only the player can edit.

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How come we can't get tables to work? If we could it would make creating generic stats a lot easier for those of us who don't play D&D.
I was considering typing in excel and printing to jpg or something?
Tables are actually mostly working:
Item 12Item 3
aItem bc
The problem right now is that whitespace between the tags is a bit messed up. To get a table looking right, you need to have your whole table on one line. The above looks something like this:
[ table][ tr][ td]Item 1[/td][ td]2[/td][ td]Item 3[/td][/tr][ tr][ td]a[/td][ td]Item b[/td][ td]c[/td][/tr][/table]

I need to get around to fixing that.