Homebrew Settings and Systems

I was reading a forum where someone asked that people could add their own settings and Rule systems and the Admin said that that was once on the site but it soon became a mess.What if you have it that when someone creates a campaign,if they click on Homebrew then another list shows up of Setting and Rulesystems made by people on this site?
The mess that was created wasn't because of homebrews. It was mostly because of duplicates, misspellings or incorrectly filled out information on published materials. I can't tell you how many duplicates of D&D we had (still have, I've been really slow about cleaning them out). We had "Dungeons & Dragons", "D&D", "d&d", "dnd", etc.

As for what's out there now, you can always browse systems and settings and see everything that's there. I don't know if there are a lot of homebrews on there, though.

I'll also take this opportunity to let anyone who wants to publish their own homebrew material on EW know that this can be facilitated. Send me a PM or use our Feedback page to let me know. I can setup a page with wikis and forums that you can manage.