Differences between Games

I'm currently working on a Campaign page for a 50+ player Old WOD Mind's Eye Theatre Dark Ages Vampire game: Twilight of Arcadia

I was wondering if there would be any possible way of adding in some non-D&D related character options in basic information for new characters -- as quite a bit of the selections are not geared for World of Darkness and don't really make any sense.

If it's possible, could there be some options under basic information like Sect, Clan and Title? I understand that the basic stuff that is up now is a general thing that can apply to multiple games, but they really don't apply for World of Darkness characters (specifically Vampire).


It would be great if it cover cover the WOD splat books for several all at once.

Vampire, werewolf, Mage, oWOD, nWOD, etc...

Wow! 50 players is a lot. I'll see what I can do.