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On it!
Testing some spam control stuff...
Ok... The site/public forum now has a bit of captcha to controll spam... I apologize to everyone for the extra typing and for recent emails and spam.
So... A quick explanation of how these spammers work:

1) Sign up a bunch of zombie user accounts
2) Let them sit idle for a while
3) Have one post a bunch or word pertaining to your business (shoes, fashion, jewelry, etc.)
4) Do nothing for a while. This gives Google time to crawl the site (It now thinks it's a fashion site).
5) Have a different user post links to your website selling shoes, jewelry, etc.
6) Wait for Google to crawl the site again (Now an established fashion site links to your business site! Must be relevant!)
7) Repeat from step 1 or 3

Why do you care? Because step 1 happened a long time ago. There were a couple hundred sleeper accounts already signed up on Epic Words. While I had forum posting locked down, everything was fine.

I wanted to lock down user registration and open up the forums. But, I had to go through and suspend all the suspicious user accounts in between those steps. Unfortunately, I goofed! The forums were accidentally re-opened last night and some spamming occurred. I apologize for that. I have gone through and suspended all the spam accounts (I believe). Registration now requires you to prove you're human. Hopefully, this means an end to the spam!

Most of the fake users were pretty obvious, but if there are any sleeper accounts that I missed, we may still get hit. I will try to stay on top of them as best I can.
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