What are your table rules or table challenges?

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I am making official my "Table Rules" and wanted to get some feedback here in the forums to see what everyone thinks.

Here is a paste of a document I found on the internet several years past and made changes.

Respect is really what this document revolves around, so please be sure to respect the ST, your fellow players and the environment you’re playing in. As ST, I appreciate it when you show me respect by keeping your focus on the game. Your fellow players appreciate it when you show them respect by giving them the spotlight when appropriate and helping them out in general. The host appreciates it when you respect his shop/home and property.

Attendance and Late Arrivals:
Please ensure you’re arriving on time, and feel free to show up a bit early. If you’re going to be late, please call ahead and let us know ahead of time. When you do show up, realize your character might not be in the “scene” the other PCs are in, so please don’t make a big fuss about your entrance.

If something comes up and you must miss a given session, please give me as much notice as possible. One or even two days ahead would be great and you may do so by calling or emailing me. if you don’t come, your character may or may not be used in the game (as appropriate) and, if used, they’ll be facing all of the dangers of the game without the insight and guidance of the player who knows how to play that PC the best – you.

If you are chronically missing games, you are considered to have voluntarily resigned their spot at the table, and offers to play are extended to other gamers who may be wanting to get in our game. This automatic resignation can be overridden by majority approval of the current group.

New Players:
As a ST, I never have more than 7 players at a time, so potential players will have to wait for a spot to open up. If any spots do open up, new members will be invited to play for a session and will be evaluated on how well they fit in, roleplay, etc. With majority approval, they will be welcomed to the table as a new addition to the group.

Roleplaying (“RPing”)
Out of Character (“OoC”) Chat
and Other Character Considerations

Please keep any OoC chat to a reasonable minimum. Anyone at the table can call “enough!” on OoC chatter, which means cutting it out for a while and focusing your energies on the game itself. Be especially mindful of your OoC chatter when others are trying to roleplay – even when you’re not involved in a particular instance of roleplay, be respectful and do not distract from it.

As above, when people are RPing please be respectful and also try to be in-character yourself! Make sure you are focused on the game, as it will only enrich your experience. Make sure you are contributing to the game, as there are no wrong ways of playing. Have characters that aren’t evil or annoying, but are well-rounded and have something in common with the other PCs! And finally, if there is ever a time when we have a very disruptive player (or even if you feel I'm being a jerk), please don't be afraid of voicing your opinions to me out of game – I'm here to ensure you're having fun! If it comes down to it, a majority vote can remove problem players.

Rules Knowledge:
Do your best to know the rules, and we’ll help those with a less-than-perfect grasp of them. If your character requires special rules, you need to know them off-hand. In-game, if you can’t find a rule within a short bit, the ST is free to make a ruling on it and move on.

Cheating is not encouraged, and if you do, I’ll feed you to some really nasty goblins or something. But really, the best thing you can do is not cheat, know the rules as best you can and keep your character sheet in good order, because multiple fudge-ups might seem like cheating – even if it’s simply messy bookkeeping.

Dice Rolls:
All dice must be light colored with dark numbers. All dice are rolled in the “dice pits” where at least one other player must see your roll. There will be no “floor dice” or “cocked dice”.

Notebooks & Laptops:
No note books or laptops will be allowed at the table during game!

Special Table Rules
The Rule of the Egoist: Be a mature person and don’t be an ass. You'd be amazed how much that actually covers.

The Rule of Books No.1: You may be using my books. We’re likely eating greasy food. Books do not generally get along with grease. Save a book. Wash your hands.

The Rule of Books No.2: Please don’t use my book as a surface to write on as you scar the books that way. Well within your budget, a clipboard is a buck at the dollar store.
My group likes it so much that we are going to modify it to fit our group a little better and use it for our Club Bylaws.
That is great news glad it helped.

I have changed the name of the thread to:

What are your table rules or table challenges?

Still looking to hear from you ST and players.

Very nice James.
Our biggest challenge was players not contacting us to let us know they were not going to make it. We had a verbal, yet unwritten, rule stating that was uncool. Luckily enough, we've only had to ask a couple of players in our history to not come back.

After that, our biggest problem is portable technology distracting players but no one has been asked to leave because of it. Most of the time, it's our younger players who get distracted the most. They're a little more into combat and rolling dice than role-playing, but we're teaching them and they're getting better.

Distracting conversations is the next problem. Something always gets said in character that leads to an out of character tangent. The older players are guilty of this more so than the younger ones since a lot of the tangents deal with stuff from the '80's.

Of course, these are problems that every group has, as your rules can attest to.
Great comments.

We have all felt the pinch of Attendance, Technology, and Social Distraction.

OK everyone great comments keep the feedback coming.

Our group defintely faces the issue of Technological distractions...
It doesn't help that we use work directly with Epic Words and iplay4e when we play.

Six players plus a DM who all either use computers, or ipads or a combination there in...

We're still working on finding a balance, which we hopefully find soon. Or the DM may kill us...
Oh I hear you I am tech guilty. You should see me run when it rains.
Most games I run tend to Gain from tech use -- search features to find spells or abilities can go a long ways and tracking combat is far superior, and dice rolling, note taking, image drawing, etc.

We have a focus challenge, and not from tech -- mostly just conversations getting off topic and never ending, and even if they do, something is bound to bring it back up.
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