Do you record your sessions? (Question!)

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Hi Kitty,
I think I can help. Several of my groups have done audio recordings of play sessions. We do it just for archives, so that if we want, months or years later, we'll have things to remember. But based on your need to simply pull notes from, I think it will be easy.
First, we've used several devices. The best was actually an iphone running Voice Memo which I think is built into the iOS. The quality was actually quite good when you set the iphone in the middle of the table. You'll want to set it somewhere away from dice rolls and crackling bags of doritos because those will quickly drown out conversations. Even people munching on chips will be very audible.

We've also used cheap MP3 players with built in mics and voice recorders. The sound quality is not as good, not quite podcast quality, but certainly good enough to grab notes off of. Just make sure you get the device up off the table, at mouth level so that all the sounds of the game don't kill your words. Also, many MP3 players have size limits on recordings. So, in our case, we play about 4 hours, I have to start a new recording at the 2HR mark because it shuts off at 2 hours. lastly, make sure you have good battery life so your device isn't dying midsession. Hope that helps!
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I used to take notes on a large A3 pad during the session. Names, treasure, quotes, HP, XP. All my sessions are played over Skype so I started recording them. I use the free programme MP3 Skype Recorder 3.1, and it is great! Four hours of play is about 30Mb, and then I post them on Google Documents for my group to download and access if they like. I have found them fun to re-listen to whilst I walk the dogs (it is just like being there a second time), and I have found that some home-truths also come to the surface - 'Am I hogging all the cool stuff? Am I being mean to another player without realising it? Why aren't I asking the obvious questions?
It makes you a better player in my opinion, and if some decision really gets stuck in your side then you can listen again like a rewind in a TV show, and work out what to do to fix it. I have never bothered with video, and to be honest, after a two year weekly game I am unsure what most of my fellow players actually look like. I am sure they are all ripped stunning male models like me, and not old fat neck-beards like my Facebook entry will lead you to believe.

I also write a journal entry from these recordings. So much easier when removed slightly from actually playing the session. It helps with the whole experience, and makes it that little bit more real for me. (oh, that sounded scary, but you know what I mean).
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