Journal vs. forum

I've just begun a new campaign and I thought I would try Epic Words based upon a recommendation from the Roll for Initiative Podcast (yea!).

I started my campaign (in a Handbasket) and posted a few journal posts. As I pondered the permissions I noticed a link to "Move to forum".

I was thinking about why I would do that? That leads me to the question, where should I post background, descriptions and story bits so my players can all read that? Should that be in the forums or the journal? What is the intended use for each?

Thank you very much.
Buck Backup
The intended use is this:
Journals are used for in-character introductions, session summaries, monologues, story telling, etc.
Forums are used for out-of-character discussions as well as in-character dialogs and roleplaying.
Wikis/definitions/NPCs/Quests are for managing facts/information/status for the campaign world.

Of course, you can use any of the tools any way you want. Some GMs complained that players were posting things in the journals that should be in the forums (e.g. "Hey guys! I was thinking of ordering pizza for the game tonight!"), so that link is there just to be able to quickly correct that sort of thing without losing any content.
Thank you for the clarification.
I linked to this post in my campaign...Brilliant. Thanks much, Admin!
Oops, I moved some journals to forums, how do I move them back?
Could try copying and pasting them back into the journal and then deleting the forum entries.