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  • What feature do you want to see next?
    • Loot - Weight
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    • Loot - Multiple currencies
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    • Better mobile browser support
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    • Games seeking players/Players seeking games
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    • Custom in-game calendars
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    • Dynamic Character Sheets
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    • Tighter integration of Gaming Groups to Campaigns
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    • Daily email digests
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Not yet... sorry.
Not that I have any complaints here, but this is the real reason I didn't want character sheets, whether dynamic or not.

My guess is that it would have taken much less effort to implement something like alternative currencies, or loot weight, or daily email digests, and we might even have all those features and others before this gets done.

Again, in no way is this a complaint. The site is fantastic, and I am nothing but grateful for the hard work done here. But I'm not sure just crowdsourcing the priority list of features is the best way to go. It would be stupid NOT to listen to what the users want, but I'd balance that against the work necessary to implement their wishes.

I tend to agree. The site is very cool and I love running my game out of it -- and I understand the value of having sheets to cover the majority of games. Hell, I fully understand that some of the 'simple' requests can have their difficulties in implementation.

But even though I have the Ipad, images, and apps (go Hexmap!), my group doesn't. I know this might just be us, but I think they even prefer PnP for themselves. I'm not sure we'll get all that much traction out of Character sheets on here.
I for one fall in the opposite camp, for those of us that want to use the site more and eliminate other bolt-on methods for character sheets REALLY want the character sheets. For example I have about 3 -4 remote players that we weave into our games and this feature would be the icing on the cake or the complete package (until our next feature request :-)!

HeroLab - Great program, easy to use, requires that each player own a computer and pay for the base product (example Pathfinder), in addition if you want supplements you have to purchase those. Not a economical option for some of our players.

PDF's - Static, flat, must upload and link. Not easy to edit or change. There are methods but none of those are friendly for some players.

Some Website Character Sheet - Not integrated with EW and again these are afterthought or bolt-on options, one more step.

4E Wizards Character Builder - Its own site, download the datafile or export the PDF character sheet (same as above).

When I think D&D or any RPG game the 1st thing I think is cool! The second thing is lets build a character, which requires a character sheet. For me this is a primary building block of the game in paper, pdf, digital, ipad app, etc it a must have.

In this modern e-world with websites and companies providing ebooks and online options I think it makes good sense to keep pace with the trend as an option. For those who want paper no worries use paper.

Anyway I am still excited and can't wait for the feature.

Game on!
Of course -- and I want them for PbP to expand playing options myself, or hell, to get side mission stuff out of the way between sessions. For my players... these guys have their character sheets on top of their laptop keyboard while they play -- it's not how I roll, but I'm sure they're not alone out there. There not a feature up there I wouldn't want.

I think Nazim and my issue, and a small one really, is that Admin time is going into this involved player feature when 80%+ of the actual use on the site is by the GMs. And honestly, even if I wanted to convert people to using dynamic character sheets when they come out -- if it's not formatted for mobile use and they can't really use it on their phone, the tool is relegated to being a desktop program.
Pointer-left Clansnowraven_thumb
Huh... I feel that that whole line of reasoning is kind of silly. I mean, if we put off the features that are desired because they take more time than features that are not as desired, wouldn't we just end up with a bunch of really simple tools that no one wants to use?

Put that aside...

Sure, I feel that the GM uses this site more than players do... right now... But if we add more player friendly tools...

I have no idea what the long term goals of this site are, but you know what I want this to be? The facebook of gaming. Straight up. Profiles and friends and campaigns all linked together seamlessly, but without a lot of tools for both GM and player, that just wont happen. So I am more than happy to wait for a complex feature to arrive, there are plenty of ways to amuse myself on this site until DCS's get here.
I'm not sure simplicity equates to silly. 350 Million users use their mobile devices to access facebook. I can nearly guarentee it's an easier task. If this is to be like facebook isn't "Games seeking players/Players seeking games" more appropriate still...
I think the beauty of this thread is if people become swayed they can change their vote. For example I originally voted for improved group features and function, but when Dynamic Character Sheets was added I switched in a heart beat. Also I think the amount of votes speak loudly ( almost 2 to 1 ).

Still an amazing site.

Well, yeah. The player beast outnumbers the Monstrous GM at least 4:1!
Personally, I would rather they weigh the crowdsourcing to actual ability to create a revenue stream. Dynamic Character Sheets can do that whereas many of the others should be included as default. The more revenue, the more people they can hire equates to more features. Personally, half of my players would use it and the other half will not so for me it doesn't help much. I do agree with James though that the less sites I have to have open makes my DMing easier.
Monte Cook is out, BTW.... I think they really have most of the game together, but at the very least it's not good PR for the new product....

Wow I am a big supporter of Monte and said from the beginning that Monte would only put his signature on a project if he agrees. I have a lot of respect for him.

I will still explore D&D Next with all efforts, however this already starts a cloud of suspect. I have high hopes for the next edition.


Monte Cook is out, BTW.... I think they really have most of the game together, but at the very least it's not good PR for the new product....