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  • What feature do you want to see next?
    • Loot - Weight
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    • Loot - Multiple currencies
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    • Better mobile browser support
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    • Games seeking players/Players seeking games
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    • Custom in-game calendars
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    • Dynamic Character Sheets
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    • Tighter integration of Gaming Groups to Campaigns
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    • Daily email digests
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How goes progress on the character sheets?

We are really excited about the prospect!

Please make it so that a GM can retire a character.


Sample text when joining a campaign:

We are excited that you have joined this campaign. Please note that you are now participating in. Shared environment where the Game Master will gain a level of responsibility and control over your character and interaction with the campaign that they have established. Some examples may include but not limited to the moderation of Journals or Forums, status of character, moderation of files or wikis, or any campaign content.

Or something.


Yup! That's basically what I'll need to post on the 'Join' page for campaigns.
I know it's been mentioned before -- but what can it hurt?
Request the ability to change Link color (style?!) for the Wiki across the board.
So when does this poll close? I really want those "Dynamic Character Sheets".... Will make my life much easier for my Mystara game.

Random off topic note: I thought it was kinda funny that almost everyone in this thread is an Epic Supporter but the Admin... I get that by default he (or she, the world may never know) is one... just thought it was funny...

Also, Admin (If that's even your real name), I think you're awesome! I Love Epicwords and do not think I can run or play a Table Top RPG with out it now a days. Please keep up your epic work!

BTW, Does kissing up to the admin help make Dynamic Character Sheets come out faster?
Pointer-left 1094917_thumb

BTW, Does kissing up to the admin help make Dynamic Character Sheets come out faster?

can't hurt. :)
No, it can't hurt at all.
To answer your first question: this poll will never close. When the dynamic character sheets come out, I will remove the option from the poll and let folks vote for the next next big thing!
Epic × 2!
And we can expect Dynamic Character Sheets to be removed from the polls when?

Just askin....
Oh Dynamic Character Sheets are they done?!?! Did I miss and update?!?!
Pointer-left Orkglyph_thumb
Wait... these are done? I think someone is seriously misreading something.
Sorry very small screen on phone with biased hopefulness = epic intoxication.

Anyway that is my story and I am sticking to it!