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Hey everyone. I'm a long time gamer in UK and i frequently struggle to find games that fit with my timezone. I have a regular sunday game but i'm looking for a supplement. I have Fantasy Grounds 2 as a way of playing games and have knowlege of 3.5, WoD and some limited 4th. I don't mind learning new systems though if the group is right.

If you're a european game master and running a game Tue Weds Thurs or Fri nights that please let me know.

If you're an american game master running Tue Weds Thurs Fri lunchtime again please let me know. Also if you're running a saturday game I could conceivably make any game starting around noon.

Any gamers from elsewhere you sohuld have an idea of what times I can commit to and if you think you're game falls into those areas send me a message. I have stated what I know I can give time and effort to long term rather than ask for any game and then find that I'm playing till 4AM with work the next day and leave everyone feeling disappointed when I quit. I enjoy having characters who can and do do combat but can roleplay all night with character quirks and motivations, my upbringing game wise was text based so I'm used to long descriptions and flavour when describing characters and actions.
I would recommend my profile is important to me, I invite you to discuss this topic...
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I am UK gamer Jonathan, I will invite you to play Subway Surfers. Hoping you can response to my message asap.
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