Something Series, Nazis Are Back

Now don't get scared but in the past few years you've probably seen groups like KKK and the Russian Neo-Nazis doing some nasty stuff but I'm not talking about them right now, I want to talk about actual political Nazi parties.

As you may know Greece is falling economically thanks to its own stupidity but they are now blaming foreigners for their own idiocity, thanks to this the Greece Nazi party actually got a lot of support, some estimate that by the end of the year if Greece hasn't fallen to a civil war the Nazi party will make it to the government.

Now, Greece isn't the only country that has Nazis in the parliament, oh no it's not. Hungary the old Soviet nation has also a rather large number of Nazi supporters, quite ironic when you think about it because during WW2 the Nazis pretty much killed the entire nation because of its majority in Jews.

Also, a country that already has Nazis in its government is Finland, my home country, I couldn't be more disappointed believe me.
They're the third most supported party and I'm not kidding about this, even thou they have a different name every single one of their desires is related to Nazis thus making them Nazis.

Get rid of foreigners, even thou we need them now more than ever.
Abortion is a crime, even if there's rape involved. I'm just stunned at their stupidity...
Christianity is the right path, really?
Condoms shouldn't be allowed...Do I even need to say anything?
Get rid of the EU...Wow, sure they've done a lot of bad things but the positive parts outshine the bad parts by far.
''Weird'' religions shouldn't be allowed...Okay, so a person can't choose their own religion?
Army should get a much bigger budget. Okay, we're neutral and were getting rid of our military because it's nothing but a huge waste of money.
Different colored people shouldn't be allowed in our borders, really? Okay, so. According to them if you're not an albino you shouldn't be allowed to live? Okay...

And they deny that they're Nazis even thou some of their members come from the Finnish Nazi party? Okay...

What are your opinions? I honestly have no clue where this world is going but it's going the wrong way that's for sure, and the sad thing is that most of the damn population in our so called ''civilized'' world are Nazis...Not kidding, I'm so disappointed in humanity right now.
This is a topic FRAUGHT WITH PERIL. We're here to avoid having to deal with real life, after all. Making us face it is likely to end in silly web-rage and Godwin's Law. I'm going to venture a response, but I'm not going to engage in flame wars, and I urge the moderators to keep a close eye on this thread with a ready finger on the killswitch. :)

Now then. Sad as it may be, I totally understand the rise of fascism in struggling nations. People in troubled times naturally seek someone or something to blame, and fascism provides scapegoats. People in troubled times naturally seek a strong leader to "pull the country from destruction", and fascist groups offer those leaders. People in troubled times naturally seek nationalist nostalgia as they dream of "the good old days", and fascist rhetoric plays straight to nationalist sentiment. It doesn't make the fascists right (and let me say for the record I'm anti-fascist), it just makes them attractive in certain light.

What people need to do, odd as it may sound, is refrain from the immediate natural reaction to national crises (seek immediate but misplaced blame and easy but improper fixes) and think for a few minutes about real causes and real effects. The problem is that while individuals may be persuaded to do that, collective groups pretty much don't. Changing the collective consciousness is a generational task--it takes decades or longer, and so is difficult to accomplish because one leader won't live long enough to make it happen.

What fills the void are organizations, whose respective dogmas can survive the required multigenerational timeframe to impact a nation's population. And Fascism, sad to say, has never really left. Its tenets are brutally seductive, and its true-believer followers are ready to take to the barricades with bullhorns at the slightest provocation. In times of real crisis, like the Greece situation, they're the ones who can shout loudest, and so they grow.

Viewed from the Western Hemisphere, you Eurozone guys are in trouble, no doubt about it. The best we can hope for is that the fascists shoot themselves in the foot and scream a little too loud about the wrong thing at the wrong time, and lose the support that elected them. It could happen. It probably will. But for now, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Good luck.
This is so true, I raise my hat to you sir.