Icon_swordpin House Rules

This is meant to be an introductory Shadowrun game, so I'm keeping the rules simple.

Characters will be made using the core rulebook only, with all of the normal limits described in the "Creating a Shadowrunner" chapter, with the exceptions below.

If you are new to the game, I will have a selection of pre-generated characters so you can get used to the system before trying to make your own character.

If you have a Windows based PC, you can download Chummer, a free character generator program from www.chummer.org . It greatly simplifies things.

The house rules are:
  • You can stack armor! You can't wear two of the same type of armor. You are still subject to the encumbrance rules: If the total armor rating (ballistic or impact) exceeds Body X 2, then penalties to Agility and Reaction apply (-1 for every 2 points over Body X 2). Armor modification ratings (Insulation, Nonconductivity, etc.) do not stack: just use the highest rating per mod.
  • For the hackers out there, you can run a number of programs simultaneously equal to your System rating. For every two programs over that, system Response drops by one. For example, if you have a System 4, Response 4 commlink, running 4 programs is no problem. Running 5 or 6 drops the Response to 3, 7 or 8 drops Response to 2, and 9 or 10 drops Response to 1. You can't go below Response 1 or the system crashes.
  • Contacts are half-price! You must spend at least 5BP on contacts (giving you 10 points worth).
Examples of stacking armor:

My character has Body 4, so I can stack a maximum of 8 (Ballistic or Impact) armor without encumbrance penalty. I choose an Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (B6/I6), over which I wear a Leather Duster (B2/I2) for a total of B8/I8.

During a run with my Body 4 hero, I am captured and stripped of my armor. As I break out, I acquire Armor Clothing (B4/I0), and an Armored Jacket (B8/I6). That’s B12/I6 total. I exceed my (Body X 2) by 4 points, so I get a -2 encumbrance penalty to Agility and Reaction (and derived stats like initiative).

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