Not too late! - Cheap minis

If you could use a lot of cheap minis for your game, check out this Kickstarter from Reaper:
They're not cheap in quality, though. I'm familiar with a few of these sculps (in their metal format) and they are quite nicely detailed. Also, for those of you who like to paint minis, this new plastic they're using doesn't require primer.
Epic × 3!
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I got in on this kickstarter when we found out about it at Gen Con. It just keeps getting better and better. Seriously folks, the $100 vampire level gets you so many mini's you'll not run out of painting projects or nice stuff to throw at your players around the table. It seems like every couple of hours another milestone is met and they add even more stuff.

Only hours left so if you want in I'd do it NOW!!!
No kidding! They keep adding minis to the $100 level every 6-10 hours! At this rate, they will probably meet two or three more stretch goals before the end. $100 for 220 (currently, I expect it'll end up close to 250 minis when the kickstarter ends) is an amazing deal (Barely 45¢ each). Especially when you consider that the price tags for each of these would normally be $2-$3 each (although probably a bit less if you bought in bulk). Granted, I won't have use for all of them, but even if I never use half the minis, it's a steal. The biggest catch for me is having to wait until March! Grr... I want them now!!
Yup I am on Vampire level, what an amazing deal.
Not too late to get in on the deal! Kickstarter funding has finished, but if you really want in, you can still sign up for at Reaper's website:
Checkout what you get here:
For those of you playing Pathfinder, the Vampire level has a lot of Pathfinder branded minis in it. Including we-be-goblins and 11 of their iconic minis. Also, the Pathfinder red dragon is available for and extra $10. Just saying...
OK so here is my plan. Several of our gaming group and customers of our store have asked to buy/chip in for some of the upgrades offered here, for example they want just this miniature or that miniature. I am laying out a plan below that allows anyone to participate in the options and extras of the Reaper Kick Starter while I recoup a couple bucks on my initial expense.

Please see the attached Word Document or PDF in the Facebook post.

As mentioned above you can get into the Kickstarter yourself if you missed the initial launch. For example I think the Vampire Level is $125 or $150 instead of $100 if you missed the Kickstarter. So if you are on the fence you should sign up with them, if you have trust issue please sign up with them.

Facebook Group Link Here

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