Request: Tracking where cash comes from

I've found myself using the Loot features of EpicWords quite a bit now, and it's really very good. However, there's one big problem with Loot right now -- an inability to track the acquisition of loot, especially loot that's 100% cash. The "Where" field works for items, but as near as I can tell (and it IS possible I'm missing something) there's no such tracking for money. Money being the fluid thing it is, carefully tracking its receipt and expenditure is probably more important for the GM than tracking exactly where that memorable magic item came from.

The easiest implementation I can think of would be to include more details about where, when and how the cash (or item) was acquired in the Activity list for each campaign -- a feature which might also work well for Experience events. Currently cash can only be added through the Quick Add form though, which doesn't have the detailed description options. However, a more thorough implementation that keeps all this information on the Loot page would be preferred.

Additionally (and this may be implemented already - I'm still new to EpicWords, and haven't seen every feature in action) tracking how PCs spend their wealth in the same manner would be a great feature. Don't know how granular the Purchase Item forms can get; likewise, not all expenditures are on items, and those are currently very difficult to track.

Honestly, these are the sorts of feature requests that would drive me to subscribe. File hosting is cheap these days, but management services that help me organize my campaign and track all the little events that slip through the cracks? Definitely worth my money.
Thanks for the suggestion. This gives us lots to think about in terms of managing campaign funds. Currently, money is money is money. Once a gold piece hits a characters account, it is lost amongst the rest of their funds. It sounds like we should record each transaction as it happens.
Right now, we rely on purchased loot to keep track of this. For instance, you could create an item called "1000 GP" and set the worth to 1000, indicate it came from the "Hallow of Horrors" before giving it to the PCs. You then immediately sell the item, leaving the "loot" as converted to cash in the Sold items list. This is obviously a very inconvenient way to track money with extra, less-than-intuitive steps.
This feature was added in a recent site update. Sorry for not posting about it sooner here.
Unfortunately, we can only track transactions going forward (from March 18th) as we were not recording that information before then.
Look for the Recent Transactions at the bottom of the Loots page for your campaign.