Something Wrong with my Account

Hey All;

I tried to create a new campaign today and it said I was at my max 1 of 1. I thought this strange since I distinctly remember paying for membership to this site but now it says I am not.

Thinking maybe I let me membership lapse, I went to renew and now it gives me a paypal error saying I cannot proceed.

What is going on? Have I broken something?

Let me know so I can fix it
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You should read this thread. It's a common problem and at this rate you're probably not going to get any help.

Where are the Admins?
Apologies. While investigating the problem, it looks like it will take a system overhaul that may result in bringing the site down for several hours. I will try to arrange this to happen sometime between Christmas and New Years. The exact time is still up in the air as my schedule has been kind of crazy the couple months. In the mean time, I have extended last year's Epic Supporter statuses (Those that have expired in the last 6 months) until I have this problem resolved. Again, I'm sorry and I thank you all for your patience.
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