Comments On The Site

Hi Epic Words: Got some comments and suggestions for your site. These are my ideas only...some are heavily IMHO... ;)

1. Next Game Date – The high level concept is to have a field that appears in the right pane of the main campaign page that shows the date, time, and location of the next gaming session. This could be configured in the Edit tab for the GM.
2. Reminder Email Hinged To Next Game Date – As an enhancement to Next Game Date would be to have reminder emails sent to players a certain amount of hours before the gaming session is scheduled to start.
3. System Tab – It might be neat to have the Systems tracked on a third tab. This way they could be reused by various campaigns.
4. Browse Not Needed – The browse section in the right pane seems like a waste. It simply shows the tabs. Pull it and get back the real estate.
5. Campaign Searches Do Not Find Setting Info – I tried searching Campaigns for the word “Narosia” which is in one of the Settings and nothing came up. Are the Settings not connected to the Campaigns for searches?
6. Add Emoticons – Fine…I like them…so sue me.
7. LOVE The Home Page – The Home page that show updates from all of my campaigns is just radical. No idea…just a comment.
8. Performance – The site is definitely slow. Even simple navigation is not that fast.

Thanks for listening!
Kingbeast (aka John Taber)
Thanks for the great ideas! We love getting suggestions and try our best to respond to each one.

  1. This is an excellent idea. We were actually talking about implementing a simple calendar for each campaign. This idea is much simpler, yet almost as powerful. It may be a good stepping stone on the way to full calendar support.
  2. If we do #1, this is an absolute must!
  3. Settings and systems are going to changing quite a bit over the next few months. Some of these changes may require us to do exactly this whether we want to or not.
  4. This one is tricky. From many pages in EW, there is no way to get to the main tabs of the site. For example, when you're viewing a campaign, the tabs are only for that campaign. There is no easy way to get to the general sections (campaigns, characters, settings, etc.) of the site. This is one of our earlier concepts, though and may be worth reconsidering.
  5. You are correct. The Settings are not included in Campaign searches, this would be a good idea as they are intrinsically linked.
  6. Will do!
  7. Thanks! We tried to make that as useful as possible without overwhelming you with too much information.
  8. This is something we are painfully aware of. We are doing our best to enhance the performance of the site from a software perspective. As the site gains popularity and we get more paid users, we will upgrade the hardware.

Thanks again!
I love the idea of posting the next scheduled game date on the campaign home page. Like an at-a-glance reference.

I love the idea of posting the next scheduled game date on the campaign home page. Like an at-a-glance reference.

Agreed. Even if we introduce a more complicated calendar feature, having the next session appear on the campaign home page will be very useful.
Thanks for the detailed reply. Awesome! :D <- See I like them. ;)

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