GURPS Keep on the Shadowfell


Recently moved the thread here and hoping to find a pair of players to join our group. Game currently has two players and myself.
The gist of it is I converted D&D 4e's Keep on the Shadowfell for GURPS 4e and took some creative licence with the metaplot so that it could take place in the Banestorm realm called Ytarria.

At it's core 2 Elder Gods, the yin and yang of the Banestorm itself play a game for the fate of the world on a cosmic chess board.
To this end each God got to choose 4 champions to compliment their "forces". They had to be from Earth but could be from any time in the planet's history.
The light Elder God chose a Hulking Northman from Old Nordic Legend, a cocky Ninja from Early-Shogunate era Japan, a Miami NCIS(Urban Druid) from pre-9/11 America and traumatized Vietnam Vet survivalist from the late 70's who had taken up residence in The Colorado Valley.
The setting is still "Nentir Vale" but Winterhaven is located in Northern Caith near the Megalan and Zarakun borders.
The heroes accompanied by a group of NPC's, almost all of which were also once "chosen" just as the players have to accomplish some great task, right some wrong or fulfil some "destiny".
Caith in our story not only has it roots in Christianity but Arthurian legend as well. Excalibur and The Spear of Longinus both exist and are in party pocession, aluding to the existance of "Jehova".
Caith is also on the end of a losing Crusade with Megalos that began with the Megalan sacking of New Jerusalem and the imprisoning and betrayal of a Dark Angel pledged to serve the Emporer of Megalos.
Kalarel hopes to free her demonic master and be rewarded by "The Fallen One", being made "Empress of all Ytarria".
To accomplish this, she must uncover a dark temple, now discovered to be in the depths of Shadowfell, and open the ancient seals that will free the Necromatus Infernum and unleash him upon the world.
It is also discovered that Kalarel ALSO seeks something insurance policy also rumored to be in the Shadowfell:

"Le Contrait de Dieu"

Essentially the actual tablets of "The 10 Commandments" except these ORIGINALS have God's signature at the make it binding.
Anyone who knows "The True name of God" could undo creation itself by simply speaking it aloud.
So, the stakes are pretty high.

This is a high-end cinamatic game that uses GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys EXTENSIVELY to get players through the various hazards they face. Cheesy one-liners and groaners are ALWAYS good for impulse points if it's relevant (in character) or funny at our game and take it from us, ya need them.

The "Chosen One's" are already established, and so anyone joining can not be one of the fated few unless they opt to take over David Marcus (The Urban Druid/NCIS) or Dakota (The Vietnam Veteran)....both the only two who sport modern firearms in the group. Sorry, the Ninja and Viking are spoken for and Elsborn, Sabre, Delphea, Eko and Douven are likewise unavailable for play.
The alternative is to create your own 350 point character (with up to -50 points in disadvantages or quirks) but they must be native residents to the GURPS world of Banestorm and they can not be "evil".
Aside from that, anything goes for character builds but you must restrict yourselves to the following books:

- Basic Set Core
- Banestorm
- Magic
- Dungeon Fantasy
- Martial Arts
- Low Tech
- Power-Ups: Perks

Although minor, we also incorperate a few Pyramid Magazine updates to existing rules. We use "The Last Gasp", "The Deadly Spring" and have half incorperated "A New Take on Grappling".
Equipment-wise, TL4 firearms DO exist but ONLY the Dwarves and Sahudese have them. Both Megalos and (to some extent) the Orc Terretories have developed grenades or "bombs" but that is the highest possible existing "modern" weapons available, should it ever come up.

No other restrictions for creation.

So far, the players have not finished the first level of the dungeon yet but with GURPS, it seems we can get through one "big" fight per 4 hour maptools session.
We started nearly 3-4 monthes back and the adventure is not even 1/5 done so theres plenty of gaming left for those concerned starting late means missing all the fun.

We meet every Friday at 7pm EST on skype and Maptools for a 4 hour game with a break near the halfway point.

We can be reached here through PM.

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We have found a third player this week but still have room for one more if so inclined.
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Looking for another player to join our crew as we have recently lost our third (in both games) because unlike me he actually HAS a life!
Details are above.
We can be reached through PM.


We may have found our third player but there's still room for one more player at the virtual table. I will know more tomorrow.


I have managed to get most of the new macros installed on everyones token but some of them won't function as I still can't get the GURPS.lib token to come down onto the map. It gives me an error the moment it drags onto the map and refuses to be placed....but I haven't lost hope yet.

I have some tables that I would like to have borders. It would increase readability. I've done some digging and I can't find any way to do it. Is there one? Thank you for your time. soundcloud downloader
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