Drunk People Need love too

Alright all. So I'm a renowned DD gamer. I write my short story's which I try to post weekly every wed on this very web site and I even play DM when ever my own DM want to relax and play a chr himself. I love the game and am not afraid to tell people I play at work. My Girlfriend (Cutegnome) just decided to create an account on EW and she is going to play in my next game this month. I hope that everyone can give her some tips and tricks and hints about the great world of D&D so that she feels welcome!!!
Awesome! Welcome to the site!

The only tips/tricks/hints I have are these:
  • Have fun
  • Don't stress about the rules (The really good players just make it up half the time)
  • Have fun!!!
  • Don't eat too much
That last one is the hardest. With our group, there's always a bowl of candy or chips at hand. I'm always just grabbing a handful while waiting for someone to finish his/her turn. It's best to just push the bowl away.
I'll second the have fun and don't stress over the rules.

Another thing to remember is to think like your character - in other words, when faced with a situation, "what would your character do" instead of what's the optimal thing to do given the rules?

There's really no right or wrong way for your character to be, you must suit yourself and no one else on that.

I was playing in a campaign once that the people I worked with were actually interested in. I worked the graveyard shift and they knew I played and when I came to work in from that night's game, they all wanted to know what had happened in the game - it was a great story!

One night I was telling them about that night's game and about 3 plot points clicked into place and I realized we were going to be running into (or probably hatching) baby dragons. I'll always remember that, it was really cool to suddenly figure out something that was going to happen in the game. That particular game had many memorable moments.
So a newbie to RPG's in general? hmmm...

Here's an elaboration on "don't stress about the rules" for you.

When I first started playing, I didn't "get" that my character could do almost anything. I relied too much on what was listed on my character sheet, like I was playing a video game. The character sheets are a great go-to for listing out your most basic action options, which admittedly, is especially handy when you are just starting out. But if you ever feel stuck, the magic of RPG's is that you get to think outside the stats.

Here's a quicky example: I had a low-level BDF (big dumb fighter) character, and the team was going up against a big swarm of bugs. Kinda hard for a fighter - they can only squish a few at a time. Other team mates could produce area effects, like fire bursts 'n such, and were doing much more damage, but still the bugs kept rolling in. Trouble was, the effects were little and not "long lasting", so the stream continued after each hit.

Time to find a new solution! I got out my bed roll, laid it on the bugs, and a team member lit it up. Now we had a steady fire, and the rest of the bugs were sent to a roasty-toasty doom.

That was the best move I made all night, and it definitely wasn't listed on my sheet as an ability.

So yes, don't stress out about the rules. If there is something you'd like to accomplish, describe it. The GM and other experienced gamers at the table can help you work out the details.