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    Yara Et Bel Zamorian/M/Stkr/Thief/3
    Details:Magdala, Mother – A wealthy craftswoman of Zamora who died in a skirmish against Kothian invaders. Pesha, Father – A wealthy craftsman of Zamora who was kidnapped and sacrificed to an unknown god by a secretive cult. Yara has 1 living sibling, a younger brother named Gunari. As an infant, Gu...
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    Details:Siana, Mother – lower class, murdered by an underling Gethin, Father – A Bossonian knight. Valerian's surviving family is safe and secure. He was well cared for growing up. He has 4 living siblings: 1. The eldest sibling is a sister named Betrys. She has gone into hiding for some unknown ...
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    Details:Mother – Koran, a Vanir freewoman, killed in a war of succession Father – Rikvald, a Vanir freeman, murdered by a stranger Frey's family was exiled due to a greedy and lustful slut (the affair resulted in the murder of his father). Frey has had 8 siblings (Frey being the youngest), most of...
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    Abelia Tauran/F/Borderer

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