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Chronicles VII:II
THE Battle of Devils Bowl is over. As the dust settles and the wounded are cared for Jasmina is presented with Gholan’s mirror. With Gholan’s approval, Jasmina, with some hesitation, perhaps skepticism, breaks the mirror. A shadowy essence emerges and penetrates Gholan’s body. He sighs with relief as his soul is finally restored.

THE allied forces consolidate and confer on plans for the Battle of Zamboula. Scout reports reveal the location of the Khan’s forces about a day’s march from Zamboula guarding approach to the city. They are positioned in a good strategic position at the base of a mountain of sorcerous power, enshrouded in fog and lightning.

THE mountain of DOOM is accessible only by a narrow mountain trail that is lightly guarded by Turanian skirmishers. The main army body marches on the Turanian army while the party with drake escort advances on the mountain. Surpise is lost, however, when Aenoq is spotted approaching from the desert. The skirmishers manage to get a small volley off but it is ineffective. Amoth calls on Toysa Zul’s skeleaton army that emerges from the sand with horrific surprise within the skirmishers ranks. The party advances the enemy position but the skelatons wipe out the skirmishers before they arrive. The skelatons consume the bodies into the desert and are gone.

WITH the path clear the party advances up the trail. Meanwhile at the main battle sorcerous emanations of fog and electricity are descending on the troops. The magic is bolstering the Khan’s army, blasting the allied army and even raising some of the dead to fight as zombies for the Khan! The pace ahead is quickened. Part way up the mountain along a very narrow portion of the trail the wisping lights seen across the mountain appear to be advancing on the party. Suddenly they attack from thin air! Static discharges burn into Aenoq and Ulixes. Perceiving the extreme danger the undead wisps present, Amoth expends a great deal of sorcerous fire energy to quickly eliminate the threat. The party proceeds, having taken minimal casualties.

TERMINATION of the trail gives way to a great bone yard. Fog is heavy and static discharges increase. Amoth conjures an earth elemental. The drakes are called up to shore-up the advance when suddenly the boneyard animates into a regiment of skeletons! The undead army poses a barrier between the party and the source of power on the mountain. The drakes and skeletons engage in combat. Amoth opens up with a fiery blast that decimates the skeleton ranks. Shen tumbles through four ranks of skeletons unscathed! The earth elemental burrows underneath the wall of skeletons and emerges on the other side. Then Ulixes does something amazing. Through the power of sorcery he takes command of the army of skeletons that now change sides and become allies of Uliexes! Some of the undead are not affected and reform to block further adavances. Aenoq manages to push past the weak defenses but is met by the appearance of a aliean being, humanoid in size and stature but feline characteristics and inverted hands. One hand is a necrotic, shriveled but powerfully functional undead hand. The Hand of Nergal! The sorcerer Aktheon points at Aenoq and utters slaying death words. Aenoq is struck with powerful necromancy but somehow survives the assault. THE sorcerer is flying and is next shot with a deadly array of arrow fire by Shen. The misile finds its mark and breaks the concentration of the flying magic. The sorcerer falls to the ground, now vulberable.

THE earthen monstrostity is commanded to assault the downed sorcerer and (narrowly!) overpowers him. Aenoq then pounces, attempting to relieve the sorcer of the hand of Negal, doing grave harm to him in the process. At the brink of execution Aktheon attempst to teleport away but the hand is trapped by Aenoqs fiend slayer axes and the severing of the two disintegrates the sorcerer into timeless dust.

WITH the foul artifact now in hand the party quickly acts to destroy it. Shen insists he can destroy it. Ulixes, however, makes the first attempt and contacts the Hand of Nergal with the Heart of Tammuz. Nothing seems to happen! Then Shen reveals another Heart of Tammuz - the real one it seems!. He holds the Heart to the Hand. The Heart glows and emanates a radiant light, then the Hand instantly begins to burn, catches afire, then explodes into nothingness.

FINALITY falls upon the group. Amoth transforms into a bat and flies away. The Turanian army loses command and leadership and quickly surrenders to the loyalists. It is later discovered that the Khan has been dead for some time as Aktheon had assumed his place. Jasmina becomes the new Khan and rewards the party with honor, title and wealth.

Scouting Turanin Army 2200 xp
Turanian Skrimishers 2200 xp
Will o Wisps 6600 xp
Aktheon 11500 xp
Destroy the Hand of Nergal 6400 xp

Session XP 28,900
Total XP 256,800
Individual XP 64,200
Session: The Hand of Nergal - Friday, Oct 20 2017 from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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Chronicles VII
AFTER a long but much needed rest and refitting the party spends time contacting alliances and mustering an alliance to take on the Khan of Zamboula. Through dream sorcery spun by Amoth Ulixes makes contact with Jasmina and sets up a plan to join them. They must first seek out the Shanki, or the Shanki will find them, to learn of Jasmina’s exact whereabouts.

THE party along with a shadow of jackals advances ahead of the main army to detour first at Dagoth Hill to recover supplies then advance toward Zamboula. A few days outside of Zamboula while camping the party is attacked in their sleep by several desert wraiths who manage to bypass the jackals warning perimeter. The wraiths rip into the party, draining their life essence and weaving chaos. The party rallies and draws arms and vanquishes the wraiths.

BEFORE the sand settles several hundred riders appear on the surrounding dunes, surrounding the camp. They seem to have a calming effect on the Jackals. The nomad leader, Sharham Honaka approaches and claims to have had vision that those in his presence are the Liberators prophosized to meet the growing threat of the desert livilhood. . He leads the party to his camp where they are honored guests. After an evening of rest the Sharham meets with the party and strikes an alliance with the party as well as informing them of the location of Jasmina and her forces – The Devils Bowl.

MUSTERING the available forces, consisting of a Mercenary Company, a collection of Trade Scouts, a group of Shanki, a slaughter of Drakes and a shadow of Jackals the alliance marches to The Devils Bowl. Fcing the alliance are Turanian regulars consisting of two soldier companies and two skirmisher companies. Shen’s scouts infiltrate the cliff tops in preparation for the main assault. The mercs lead by Ulixes advance on the Turanians, supported by Shanki. Aenoq and the drakes move on the right flank up the cliffs. The main forces exchange devastating crossbow fire but the Turanian archers prove ineffective against the drake horde. The drakes push the skirmishers back along the ridge top where they are trapped and cut down Shen’s scouts and Jasmina and her royal guards. The few survivors flee the battle. The Shanki take the brunt of the Turanian defensive fire and their ranks are decimated. The skirmish is long enough to allow the mercs to engage the Turanians. Amoth’s sorcery does wicked damage to their ranks. Gholan leads the Turanian loyalsts in a charge against the Turanians flanks down the canyon exit. They suffer minor casualties from a avalanche trap but succeed in engaging the Turanians. Outnumbered and outflanked the Turanians are quickly reduced in numbers and few survivors are able to flee the battle.

Alliance Building 4800 xp
Desert Wraiths 7800 xp
Shanki camp 4800 xp
Battle at Devils Bowl 6400 xp
Rescue Jasmina and Gholan 6400 xp

Session XP30200
Total XP227900
Individual XP 56,975
Session: Zamboula - Friday, Oct 06 2017 from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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Chronicles VI:IX
The battle at the palace continues. The storming army batters the palace doors and Aenoq nearly single handedly cuts down the small guard holding force. The palace is searched floor by floor until a woman’s voice is heard, pleading for help. She is found chained to a statue but then seems to vanish upon further investigation. The rouse is enough to set the ambush. The party is surrounded by a whirling wall of blades. A witch appears out of the ether, great wings emerge from her large cloak as she hovers to the top of the chamber. She attacks Aenoq with her charm but he resists. Two demon warriors then appear from the ether and fill the blade deathtrap with poisonous gas and darkness. The sight of the demons is unravelling to the mind for Aenoq and Ulixes. The others resist mental breakdown from the mind-bending attack that is unfolding.

Amoth conjures and controls an intimidating elemental force of air that lifts Aenoq out of the trap. .Shen dodges through the blade wall unscathed and escapes. Salome vanishes between the world and the etherworld. Shen and Aenoq are overcome in battle and go down. Ulixes through guidance of fate leaps upon the statue and hurls himself over the blade wall, but injuring himself landing on the other side. The demons press their attack and then teleport inside the blade prison, attacking Amoth and escaping the others. Amoth commands the elemental force to throw Salome into the blade barrier. He succeeds but she ends the magic before she is pushed through. Salome then uses her beguiling sorcery on Ulixes who turns on the party. The situation is becoming desperate. With no other choice Amoth rushes to Aenoq’s aid and administers a sorcerous concoction from the Goblet of Kovag Re, one of the component includes a soul mirror . Shen is revived but is immediately pursued by Salome who backs him in a corner clawing her way at him while attempting to drain his life force. He manages to fight her off, even disrupting her sorcery. The demons go down allowing focused attacks on Salome. She is then cut down, the battle being over as quickly as it began.

Searching the remainder of the palace, Queen Tarmis is found among her many dead councilors and advisors. Her regal manner despite her unspeakable treatment in captivity is stunning and inspiring. She rewards the rescuers with title and treasure. She breaks the soul mirrors upon request but Aenoq seems to have no room for his soul when it is released. He suspects sorcery and convinces the Queen to not break Amoth’s mirror until further research can be conducted.

Salome and Demon Guards 11700
Freeing Queen Taramis 9600 XP

Total XP 197,700
Individual XP 49,425
Session: The Witch Queen - Friday, Sep 15 2017 from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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Chronicles VI:VIII
RESTING in Khauran the party investigates the rumors of Queen Taramis’ dark new reign. They meet a priest who is convinced to steer the party to a Kothic merchant named Kossus. Through secrecy and subtlety Shen maneuvers his way through the den of the merchant underworld to find Kossus. The group exchanges information and proceed to reconnoiter the palace. Ulixes raises a small company of mercenaries to aid in the attack. After a second meeting, Kossus agrees to facilitate a diversion that will prevent city guards from reinforcing the palace when the destroyers attack. He also puts Shen in contact with a small group of infiltrators to aid in the assault.

THE night of attack comes. Shen’s men silently breach the palace outer wall and set up base of fire. Amoth continues his ruse as a guard within the ranks of the wall patrols. Aenoq fades into the palace grounds ready to open the gate while Ulixes’ men hide outside the palace nearby.

SHEN’s men attempt to silently dispatch the guards near the gatehouse but even with a volley of fire the range, darkness and cover cannot be overcome. Some of the guards escape death to sound the alarm. Aenoq manages to get the gate open and summons a wolf pack. Amoth moves within the ranks of his disguise then creates darkness and confusion. The surprise keeps the guards from forming and they are piecemeal destroyed. Ulixes men storm into the grounds and are confronted by guard reinforcements. The battle seems to be moving quickly in the attackers favor when several squads of Zuigar archers appear in cover from the main palace and begin deadly rain of arrows into the exposed ranks of the attackers in the palace grounds. Shen’s men quickly move to cover while Aenoq takes care of stragglers on the walls. Ulixes troops break the guards formations and the retreat, only to be cut down by the mercenaries.

Priest of Ishtar 1800 XP
Lizards and Crow Eggs 1800 XP
Reconnoitering the Palace 1800 XP
Battle at the Palace Grounds 3600 XP
Session: Khauran - Friday, Aug 18 2017 from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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Chronicles VI:VII
AMOTH is the last to step through the collapsing portal. As the party is hurled through the etherspace the portal becomes a collapsing tunnel. The journey changes to a feeling of free-fall through an entropic storm. It culminates in an epic crash that nearly kills Ulixes and renders everyone unconscious. Only through fate does Ulixes survive the ordeal.

DAZED and injured, the party slowly emerges from unconsciousness to find themselves in an unfamiliar part of the desert. However, Aenoq is nowhere to be found. The environ is devoid of life and an uneasy feel is in the air. It is surmised they may be in a mysterious place where man has not been – or has not returned to tell about it. They collect themselves and determine they are likely somewhere south-south east of Khuaran, perhaps 4-5 days walk. Since this is the closest civilized locale, the party sets off across the hot desert with only a day’s rations.

TREKKING across the valley is hot and brutal. Foraging is difficult, and Amoth begins to suffer from thirst and extreme exhaustion. A sandstorm picks up and enshrouds the valley, making navigation and foraging even more difficult. One night, Amoth is startled by shifting sand beneath his feet. The next night while Amoth is on watch, the sand comes alive! It attacks Ulixes and Shen in their sleep, inflicting severe necrotic injury and a necrosis-like disease. It grabs Shen and plunges him beneath the sand where he can no longer move or breath. From beneath the sand an animated skeleton then appears, seemingly free to move about the sand unimpeded and attacks Shen! But the sand can be damaged. Shen disrupts the sand flow before he is enveloped. Ulixes and Amoth continue the attack and eventually break the elemental bindings that give the Unliving Sand it’s life. Shen lay buried, suffocating beneath the sand when fate again intervenes. Ulixes spots a limb of Shen while digging and with supernatural strength wrenches him from the sand tomb. The skeleton is also excavated and interrogated by sorcerous means by Amoth. He learns that the soldier came to this place with his company from Khuaran. Ulixes notices his armor is of Khuaranian royal guard and shows little sign of weathering, compared to the decomposition of the ban that wears it.

DUSK is beginning to set the following day when Ulixes thinks he sees movement from behind them. Waiting and watching, nothing again appears. The following day, now seemingly to be lost and much farther from Khauran as believed, the party discovers a skeletal hand protruding from the sand. Investigation sees many others in the area as they seem to be appearing before their very eyes! An attempt to excavate is interrupted when the skeletons emerge from the sand and attack! Fragments of other skeletons begin to move across the sand and begin coalescing within a huge cyclonic sand tempest. Nearly two score of the undead legion rushes the party, wading through and sometimes vanishing into the sand. The three defenders have formed into a defensive formation that limits their front, effectively shedding most of the attacks. Amoth uses eldritch power to escape the horde then unleashes a powerful sorcerous blast of fire, destroying the entire horde whilst doing some collateral injury to Ulixes. At this time, however, the bonyard desecration tempest has formed into a frightening combatant and a second tempest begins to form (this one of sand only). The desecration begins its attack by shuttering and fracturing it’s outer construction into a hail of deadly bone shards infused with necrotic taint. It parts itself and tries to encage Ulixes. It then smashes its way through the back-and-forth of melee, at one point reforming from surrounding bone fragments. As it is dealt the destructive blow the second tempest has formed into a huge sand lich! It casts a dark soul-trapping incantation but fails when it should have succeeded. The interlopers have no souls to capture!

TOYSA ZUL is intrigued by the soulless men. He reveals that his brother, Kessa Zul is the Arch Priest of the Night God, the one that goes by the name Osaka. The two brothers were practitioner of sorcery years ago when Kessa betrayed his brother, destroyed his body and imprisoned his soul in this valley. Toysa wishes his brother dead, or worse and warns them about the dangers – and inability – of using the Hand of Nergal. He does not want it destroyed, however, and would be in the party’s debt if they were to kill his brother and retrieve the Hand of Nergal for him.

AMOTH hands Toysa Zul a few objects wrapped in cloth, probably soul mirrors, as part of an agreement discussed in a otherworldly language unknown to Ulixes and Shen. With suddenness, the sand ground gives way and envelopes the interlopers. They are whisked away beneath the sand, passing through what seems like miles of sand in only a few brief moments. They and Aenoq are sent out of the Valley of the Sand Lich and emerge from the top of a sand dune to see a familiar and welcoming sight – the Oasis of Arkel.

KHAURAN is easily reached shortly thereafter. However, the city has fallen into chaos, trade has been heavily suppressed, and the the priestly might of the Ishtarian temples have befallen a curse. The Queens' own royal guard has not been seen in weeks, and a mercenrary band of Zuigars has replaced them. Rumors suggest the Queen has become in league with a demon or worse, Shen learns more details on the curse of the Ashkhaurani dynasty and all begins to suspect something more may be going on with the Queen than rumors would tell.

Unliving Sand 2900 XP
Sand Skeletons 1800 XP
Boneyard Desecration 2900 XP
Toysa Zul 3800 XP

11,400 XP

Total XP 176,400
Individual XP 44,100
Session: Beyond the Hall of Mirrors - Friday, Aug 04 2017 from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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