1,215 YEARS AGO, a blacksmith changed the world forever. Kiera Peacemaker forged a series of blades to end the long, bloody War of Factions.

Each was special - crafted with an old, forgotten magic. After the war, they vanished.

Now some of the blades have reappeared, throwing the Twilight Kingdoms into chaos. Kings, generals and rogues are racing to find these powerful swords before their enemies do. For legend has it, just one of Kiera's Blades can win a man a throne.

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Chapter 13: The End
Some call them the Fates' Chosen. Some call them the Fates' Cursed: the Scrapper, the Prince, the Metal Man and the Silver-Tongue. Together, their long journey had finally come to an end.

Joined by Jerald, Vossler, and Prince Darren, they made the Seven Swords. Their destiny was to slay the Raven Queen, to save the lives of thousands.

I know this may disappoint you Child, but the truth is no one knows exactly what happened in the Queen's Tower that fateful night.

Some say the Queen relinquished her crown willingly. Others say the group brought death to the goddess herself. All the stories agree that it was Moi who took up her headdress. But of course.... you know him by a different name.


In the end, it was only a matter of time that a machine would take over the job as High Priest of Death. Moi worked with an efficiency that only he could, and a compassion developed over thirteen lifetimes. His followers call him Thanatos now, the Merciful Mechanism of the End. Priests say he bickers often with the Fates - if only in jest. Only the dead know if that's true.

Beralt returned to the Mercenary Republic, where he was elected as a Castellan - one of the youngest in the country's history. Under his guidance, the government passed a bill requiring mercenaries only sell their services as defenders, no longer just soldiers. He and his brother Jerald later rooted out a guild of slavers, the same one that stolen Jerald so many years ago.

Malthar found an empire in need of an emperor in the city of Nyx. Using his connections and fame he modernized Nyx and eventually grew it into the Kingdom of Malthasia. Ironically, his citizens will always remember him for his tough crackdown on crime - specifically theft.

Donn had secured his name as one of the greatest peace-bringers since Kiera herself. He returned to the Princely Communes, where he was given the regency of Sasmiyana for 18 years, until King Denrek's youngest child could take the throne. it was a peaceful 18 years, full of prosperity. After that, Donn led a mission to return each of Kiera's Blades into hiding. But that Child, is a story for another day.
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A Long Journey
"It had been a long journey."

Aboard The Conquest Moi began surveying the few things he's picked up since Beralt first found him in that field, so very long ago. A handful of polymorph potions. Moi smiled; his first bumbling attempts at alchemy, he hadn't improved much since.

"I had high hopes of pranking Malthar with these someday..."

Basic cantrips, Moi was only ever able to prepare the simplest concoction: one of elf form, specifically female elf.

"I'll keep these, they might still have use."

Next a compass picked up around the same time they met that mischievous halfing, Cameen. "He betrayed us, but I hope he found a better life." Sagelli was a hard place, it was no wonder it bred deceit. Survive or die.

Compasses didn't work well past the Horns. Moi discarded it to the side. A Bokkoran statue a soldier of Ekuar's had given him. Moi started a conversation up with the wyvern keeper, and had gained much respect for the hard breed of man the island bred.

"It would be nice to return to that island someday." The statue was set aside. More mementos followed... a letter from his friend Talliance. "I am sorry our ideas for a business never grew to fruition friend." A scale from Snarl.. "May you and Roan find the peace this land has never known." All to the side. Sentiment had no place for the land he was traveling toward. Last... a scrap of parchment from "The Book of the Watchful Dragon". Where had it come from? Hmm.. the bounty hunters, yes. They called themselves "The Flying Phantom" and they were dead now. Moi pocketed the scrap, it might prove useful. With a second thought, Moi pocketed Snarl's scale as well. Who knows, somethings wyvern scales are lucky.

So many dead, so many caught in the crossfire of this war for power. Moi remembered the light dying in that captain's eyes as he killed her. It was self-defense, Malthar still carried the scar, but that did not mean she deserved to die. "At least we avoided killing that pair of troublesome spellswords..." The fates judge him justly, Moi did as he thought best for the kingdom. More would likely die before this was finished, only time would tell if his violence was justified.

Moi's thoughts ran to Peren. "May you find peace with Katya", but Moi had his doubts. The drow spared his life, but only by taking his identify. It was unlikely a reconciliation was in his troubled friend's future.

Moi looked over his motley collection of items. It wasn't much, but it was enough. He had been on a very long journey. His Queen was dead, everyone he knew from his original life was dead... except for him.

Moi tried to avoid the inescapable follow-up from that thought. Except him... for now. He was a relic, like these items, but from a different time. Kiera's Blades and a few meddling Gods were all that was left of the kingdom Moi once knew, of Kiera's hopes and dreams for peace. Was he made for believing in her? This wasn't his world anymore, but it was time to go try and save it anyways. It had been a good journey, but that was all almost over now.
Session: Chapter Thirteen: The End - Saturday, Jun 06 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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Chapter 12: A City of Endless Night
At Jerald's direction, The Conquest sailed over the Wall of Faith into the Horns. It touched down roughly two miles out from Nyx, a city of endless night.

Yes child, people once lived in The Horns, though very few knew it.

A fight with a behemoth left everyone grievously wounded, but they soldiered on, trekking into the city.

"Stop here," said Jerald. "The city we're about to enter operates on special rules. It's called Nyx. No one knows how or why it came to be. The people here.... are a little mad."

"Madame Corvino - The Raven Queen's - tower is where we're headed. It's hidden tonight- which means we need to find the secret holders - four townsfolk - all with a fragment of the knowledge we'll need to find the tower."

Jerald revealed that Beralt's granite compass would guide them to the nearest holder.

Their quest would not be easy.

The four holders that night were all damaged people.

There was Kiharon, an Oarsman who demanded the head of his unrequited love. Malthar tricked him by using makeup to make her look undead.

Indreza, the original Snake Queen, wanted revenge and nearly killed Malthar. Moi bluffed that they too served the Raven Queen, breaking her spirit.

The burned fire dancer Tellios wanted a member of the party to burn themselves as well. The deranged man spoke only in rhyme.

Be like me, be like me,
The Madame has blessed me with authority.
My best - my test--mine to choose--
Be like me-- or it's yours to lose.

Moi held the answer here too, using two potions he had crafted at the very beginning of the group's journey together. One he used on Tellios, the other Malthar. They became mirror-images of an elven maiden.

The last secret holder thought Beralt was Jerald. The blind marksman Rellek was using a child for target practice. The group dreamed up a "trick shot" that Rellek couldn't match, which actually healed the poor child. He gave the final piece willingly.

The glyph fragment hung in the air a moment, then clicked together with the rest. The glimmering cyphers started to whir, fragments of the aether interlocking and churning.

All of a sudden Relleck started to giggle, then roar with laughter.

"So you're wondering where the tower is? Hahahaa, wondering where the tower is? You silly, silly children. You've been in it all along."

With those words, the town and Relleck dissolved away, replaced by a stark black parlor. Ravens hopped along plush black furniture, and a granite floor.

Standing just a few steps up a spiral staircase, was a pale, beautiful woman with pitch-black hair and a raven feather headdress.

"So, you're the ones who have been chosen to kill me. Even my dearest Jerald. I feel so betrayed."
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My Journey
I never thought I would be like this. Holding a powerful blade to use against my enemies, that is in turn gets even more powerful when I am near Jerald? It's as if the sword was made for me and me alone...

Not only that, but I was certain that I would have had to kill my brother this whole time. I certainly did not expect for a demon to be possessing him! It is good that he is alive, and hopefully well.

I fear that the worst is going to come soon, but I know that now that I have my brother on my side, and now this incredible sword, I know I can take on anything put in front of me.

With the help of my fellow adventurers, we'll make it through this and find peace. Even if that peace is me at eternal rest, I am prepared for that. But they know I'll go down swinging.
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Interlude: Two Princes in Deadwater
From the journal of then-Prince Darren of Shushan

Whitescale, Day Eighteen, Twenty-first hour

Truth be told, I wished it could have been anyone else. But in my dream, the Fates had made it clear. The odd Drow and I were to travel into Deadwater, as the rest scaled Howlmount.

More truth told, I didn't envy them. Even before I heard them recount their trek, I knew it was a deadly place. Few adventurers ever make it back down from its gnarled peak.

I had only told Malthar we were looking for an antique, of sorts, and that we'd need a thief's touch to get it. As we hiked into town, I was beginning to think twice on the secrecy.

"So, what kind of antique is this? Is it the kind that helps you steal more things? I like those kinds of antiques. I also like the kind of antiques that help you acquire a large empire in a short amount of time."

The scarred 'Prince' was carrying a large sheaf of paper and a writing quill in one arm. His smile made me nervous.

"Shorter the better."

I could just make out that the top sheet read "Contract" before he tucked the sheaf into his haversack.

"So the steal-y kind - or the empire-recruitment kind?"

I relented.

"It's an ancient device -a mechanism - for your metal friend. In a dream, The Fates told me The Raven Queen can control minds, but this will allow at least Moi to protect himself."

"Strictly curiosity - but how much do you think it's worth?"

"Please, just wait until after we save the world."

By then, we had reached town. If you've never been to Deadwater, don't feel like you're missing out on anything. It's nothing compared to even the quaintest village in the Communes. Magic is forbidden in Janrenia, and it shows.

Stone buildings jut out from Howlmount itself. Narrow passageways wind between "plazas" with nothing more than a guide rope and a three hundred foot fall to comfort you. A slow trickle of melting snow ends in a stagnant pond at the center of town. Hence the name, Deadwater.

The Fates had told me to make contact with a village elder. Here at least was one blessing, an ancient crone was hobbling toward us. She was blind, carrying a walking stick. A large purse jangled at her side.

In hindsight, I should have guessed Malthar wouldn't have been able to resist.

What happened next - is still a blur. He moved in. I tried to stop him. Then two figures leaped out from behind a house.

The next thing I knew was darkness.

I was gagged, tied up, in a cold stone room.

The door creaked open.

"So, this is how the Seven Swords act? Common thieves? Scoundrels!?" the old woman's voice shook with rage.

"For 1,200 years my family has been on this gods-forsaken rock, watching, waiting, to deliver the Blackrose Mechanism, and this is how we are rewarded?"

I tried to answer - but you know- the gag.

She left, slamming the door behind her.

Several hours passed - no food, but the guards did try to pour some water through the cloth of my gag. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Through my tired eyes, I saw something the guards didn't - a shadow in the corner of the room that didn't quite fit right.

Malthar's blade slit their throats in seconds. Without cleaning it, he moved on to the ropes binding my legs and arms.

"I hope you're ready to pay up. I had to trade a fairly expensive-looking timepiece to find where you were. Granted, I had stolen that from someone else- but Taker's Keeper's, right?"

After he pulled the gag, I told him he'd have his pick of a new one from the treasury.

That's when a prison of light gleamed around us.

"I thought you said magic was forbidden here!"

"It is!"

Of course. The crone stepped slowly into the room, one hand tracing invisible runes across the sky, maintaining the force cage.

"What King Korrent doesn't know can't hurt him. Now, you've tried to pickpocket me, broken into my home, and killed two of my sons, tell me why I should let you live."

I tried to reason with her, but Malthar ruined my chances in an instant.

"Yeah, uh, correction. I didn't try to pickpocket you. I did."

From his pocket he pulled out a strange metal plug-- with thin lined patterns running along it, and a black rose stamped at the front.

Her rage gave me the chance to act. I hadn't accessed the aether in ages. I'm not very good. But this time it came to me hungrily. (A side effect of a land that has banned magic? More research needed.)

The bars fell. I ran. And Malthar swung into motion. Seconds later, the crone lay dead.

But the true shock came next. We watched from the window as a blinding white light enveloped Howlmount's peak.

"I'd say our friends were successful. Now let's leave and never come back."

I tossed 500 gold on the table. At least the family's job was done.
Session: Chapter Eleven: Finding Folly - Saturday, Apr 25 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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