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Where did we come from. Where do we fear to go.
You ask about where we fear to go, so listen.
Many ten-years ago we dwelled up the river, in a place of peace and safety. We concerned ourselves with trending the gardens and caring for the land which was protected by our mistress, Lady Vesa. She was a sorceress of great power. We loved her, and she loved all her subjects. We spent all our time among trees, flowers, and herbs. Then, one day, our mistress returned from a journey in distress - she was hurt. My father, who was most skilled in the way of healing, went to tend to her. He said it was a more grievous ailment than anything he’s ever come across - a wicked wound, infused with evil magic. As the withering curse slowly spread through more of Lady Vesa’s body, her lands we experiencing a similar transformation. Soil became corrupted, plants withered and died, or turned wicked and infused with evil. We, and many others, tried all we could to cure our mistress. But in the end, the corruption could not be held back. While Lady Vesa was still of sounds mind, she bid her servants flee, fearing for our safety if we stayed. We did so.
That is the place we fear to go. That is the place we would gladly go to our doom, if it meant a cure for our mistress.
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Tugrosh's Romance (from Justin)
There are few things that Tugrosh is good at. Being true to himself is on of those few things. He knows what he likes and booze and a good night of 'smashing uglies' is high on that list. Few match orc-ish desire, but then he met Sasha Bellhower.

When like minds meet, pleasant or terrifying things can happen. In the case of Tugrosh, both happened.

Flush with gold, the barbarian decided to have some fun going to some of the higher class establishments in the city. The leering eyes or scared voices made him chuckle. Few would come to his challenge of matching drinks or other challenges. Luckily, at the "Green Fields Sleeping", a single voice rang out. Dowager Sasha Bellhower pulled along side him and accepted the challenge.

One has to ask why Sasha, the sole owner of Bellhower Mercantile would do such a thing. Simple, she wasn't what she appeared to be. Sasha was born in Amazon like plains barbarian. Her beauty and skill and rage we're renown in her clan. Through years of adventure, she met what would be her former husband, the owner of the Bellhower Mercantile. But such combinations of things (love and beauty) often draw enemies. Sadly, two tragedies struck. She was cursed to lose her beauty and to never enjoy the soft touch of a man. In the throws of "love" she'd burst into a barbarian rage and killed her husband. And with every man the same. So the year went on and her curse wore on her. She longed to enjoy the touch of a man, and was was willing to risk many of life to do so.

What happned that fateful night they met is still a bit of a story and legend in the city. Tugrosh and Sasha took to the challenge to each other. There are still artifacts of their work still show at the Green Fields Sleeping any several other. Their night of love and violence made several gods quiet happy, while others muttered blaspemous words at its sight. There's at least 3 or 4 bards rushing to write songs that can be sung out in the world...

Such physical connection often lead to emotional ones, and such is the case of Tugrosh and Sasha.... love.
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Field Report 1
Ser Ostrander,

I am writing to report on my activities since leaving Fal Moran at your direction. We arrived in the small fishing village north of the city in due course. While resting after our travels, we were attacked by a gargoyle, whose arrival was both unexpected and unprovoked. The tavern we were staying at was severely damaged in the battle. We still do not know who sent the creature or why. Another item in our growing list of mysteries to follow up on.

The fight with the gargoyle exposed an underground grotto. We took some time to explore it. The grotto appeared to have been an ancient pirate hideaway, before a cave-in closed off the access to the harbor some time ago. Our exploration proved to be nothing more than a diversion, and a taxing one at that.

We proceeded afterwards with our investigation into the increased animal attacks in the area. Our queries led us towards an ruin deep in the woods to the northeast of the village. We had an odd run in with an old druid, who seemed to have spent a little too much time away from civilization. But he provided us with help in guiding us to the ruins.

At the ruins, we discovered the activities of a new cult. They had forced a tribe of orcs into helping them excavate beneath the ruins. We arrived in time to see that they had uncovered an ancient ritual chamber and were in the process of releasing some unknown menace. The battle with the cultists and their leader was hard fought. We just barely survived. The cult leader was able to complete her ritual, opening a well from which unholy energies were released. Ser Deva and I were both struck by those energies, our wills subsumed to that of the malevolence in the well - we sought only to further the aims of the priestess and the malevolence. Thankfully, our hearts and faiths in Paladine held true and we were able to regain ourselves. We defeated the the cultists and their leader and through Paladine’s providence we were able to reseal the well. This was not before several eruptions of energy fled from the well and out of the ruins.

We do not know the nature of the malevolence we encountered, but fear that we have not seen that last of its influence. We suspect that others have now succumbed to the evil’s will and now plan to further its goals, whatever they may be. They will need to be sought out and stopped. We also know that more of the cultists are still active, subjugating the orc tribe. We may be able to learn more of their goals and what it is they worship by confronting them.

It would be helpful if you could learn more from the Archives or from Ser Deva’s order of what once stood at the site of the ruins and what might be now trapped beneath it. Any information you could provide us would be immensely helpful.

We are currently recuperating from our travails. I will write again once we have decided on a course of action and have learned more of this new evil that has awoken.

May the Light of Paladine be with you,
Yours faithfully,
Ser Tane Rither

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