The Martini Cabal tackles the Jade Regent Adventure path.
The distant lands of Tian Xia contain the promise of an unlimited number of mysterious and captivating spectacles, but also within this mystical realm is the ever-lurking fear of the unknown and the untrustworthy. After all, not everything is as it seems in Golarion, and this holds doubly true in this part of the world, where the lands themselves seem to constantly change, simultaneously enchanted by the benevolent kami and plagued by the demonic oni. Wary adventurers know to carefully scrutinize even the most mundane creature, as it can just as easily change shape into either something equally harmless or a monster of devastating proportions.
Regardless of the ever-shifting nature of Tian Xia, one crucial rule remains constant: keep your eyes open.

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Session Summary
When last we left the party, they had healed and then defeated a curious creature taking the place of Walthus Proudstump. Now they have met another creature calling himself Walthus Proudstump; he appears to be genuine.

Naelluk "Neal" says "Right. Anything else strange in the swamp lately?"
Walthus responds with a little frown: "The Licktoads have gotten braver lately; I don't know where they got fireworks from but they sure got more fire than brainpower now."

Vedra and Booch return from scouting to the shack, to hear voices upstairs. You are welcome to come in and join up.

Viedra makes her way up the stairs after wiping her feet clean
Naelluk "Neal" says "Your other self had said something about a coming assault, but who knows if it knew anything."
Booch follows Vedra upstairs. He stops in his tracks as he sees the condition Mizdra is in.
Silas (to the halfling) "I'm afraid your impersonator took it upon himself to cook us a meal. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Shall we move this discussion to the kitchen?"
Viedra lifts an eyebrow at the state of the party. She pats Booch lightly
Booch says "What happened?"
Silas looks at Viedra wryly. "I'm afraid the creature tricked me into thinking it was the halfling and I used the last of my healing on it....before it decided to try to kill us."
Walthus Proudstump says "Food sounds a treat, thank you."
Silas "There was a shapeshifter. He's the reason for the splotch of gore in the living room"
Viedra pulls out her bandages and makes her way to Mizdra to help
Viedra says "Sorry I missed that fight. *She says with a smile*"
Viedra rolls for a Heal skill check and gets 12.
Silas goes to the kitchen to plate the hot food there. (eggs at least, forget what else)
Naelluk "Neal" says "And after food, would you have room to put us up for the night? Here or in the yard as if needed."
Booch hangs his head.
Walthus Proudstump says "You're welcome to put camp in the yard, or sleep in the guest room or the living room; wherever you like. Please...consider this your home."
Mizdra rubs her head and grumbles, but holds still for Viedra. "Thanks."
Viedra says "Happy to help. Sit at the table and I'll bring some food to you."
Silas looks happy at the thought of an indoor, dry place to put his bedroll
Naelluk "Neal" nods and starts to move back downstairs, as he can, with all the people on the stairs and hall.
Booch steps out of the way and lets everyone pass before following.
Silas "Between your injuries and ours, Walthus, we may want to stay an extra day or two before trying our chances with the goblins. They are the reason we came to the swamp. They're beginning to interfere with trade."
Mizdra is staggering, but trying not to show it. She grunts and heads to the table. "Let's hope there's only one of those things."
Silas I'm the only healer in the party and I'm pretty sure even tomorrow's spells won't quite do the job."
Viedra says "I should of gotten more supplies when I left. "
Walthus Proudstump says "Stay as long as you need. Might have to catch your own fish, though."
Silas Looks rueful. "I have one rather old ration. If others brought food we can of course share. Or try our luck with the fish. On the positive side, I can make any amount of brackish water pure, so we can ease that chore."
Walthus Proudstump says "Fishing ain't hard. But let's get down, eat, and get you all some rest."
Mizdra says "I've got enough food for everyone tonight."
Viedra says "I have several days worth of food. I knew I should of taken more guidence from the wilderness Master"
Silas "Rest sounds good to me. You can enlighten us about the local goblin conditions as well tomorrow as tonight. It has been a long day. "
Naelluk "Neal" scowls for a moment and scowls. "I knew I forgot something."
Ailynn Goldbraid says "Ye're nae kidding wi' the "long day" part."
Mizdra scowls. "We should see if you recognize any of the heads, too."
Walthus Proudstump says "Heads?"
Viedra says "Yup. Heads from the swamp monster. "
Viedra opens her bag and carefully uncovers one or two of them
Walthus Proudstump says "Th' Soggy River monster?"
Naelluk "Neal" winces at the sight.
Mizdra nods, slumping a little, then straightens. "Busy day."
Viedra eyes Mizdra with a slight frown.
Silas "aye, that's where my injury came from. It gave a nasty attack right before it died."
Viedra says "I'll go get a bed roll ready for you, Miz"
Walthus Proudstump says "It's got heads? Thought it just had one."
Viedra says "The heads are from the victims"
Walthus Proudstump says "Ohhh."
Silas "Properly speaking we both took its head, and also took its heads!"
Walthus Proudstump says "Right."
Viedra says "Walter, do you recognize any of these"

Proudstump identifies several of the heads as farmers' children. Most of them he can't. He's thoroughly revolted in general.
You all go downstairs, where Silas has purified the food, and there is enough to eat.

Ailynn Goldbraid moves 65'.
Naelluk "Neal" moves 50'.
Jannu moves 40'.
Mizdra straightens further. "Need to set a watch."
Booch moves 60'.
Viedra says "helps Mizdra downstairs to the table."
Walthus Proudstump moves 45'.
Viedra says "Sounds like a good idea"
Naelluk "Neal" will gesture to Jannu toward the door. "Make another circuit, to make sure we haven't missed anything."
Viedra moves 55'.
Silas "Dawn watch, third watch works best for me these days, as Shelyn likes morning meditation."
Jannu says "Yess, masster."
Mizdra moves 60'.
Viedra brings food to Mizdra
Viedra says "I can take third watch"
Jannu moves 5'.
Viedra says "Second watch. I can take second."
Mizdra nods thanks to Viedra, then says, "Middle." She eyes Silas briefly, then attends to her food.
Naelluk "Neal" says "I will take first along with Jannu."
Mizdra then frowns, thinking it over, and says, "Changed my mind. I'll take third." She eyes Silas again.
Walthus Proudstump eats once the bigs have been fed. There's a guest bedroom upstairs as well as the garden -- he warns that some of his snakes still live out there -- and the living space.
Viedra lifts an eyebrow and looks back and forth from Mizdra to Silas
Viedra says "Sounds like a great idea. *Sarcasm? From the Monk? Nooooo*"
Mizdra makes her unpleasant grin at Viedra. "Won't cause a ruckus. But some things bear more watching."
Silas "I don't think she'd sleep well if I was awake anyway, and in her condition she needs her rest."
Silas "So no offense taken here."
Ailynn Goldbraid says "If there's need, I kin sling a hammock in th' garden fer more room."
Viedra shrugs and starts to eat herself
Naelluk "Neal" settles down to eat near the door. "I forgot a tent, I'm afraid, so I'd prefer something indoors."
Silas Rolls out his bedroll in the kitchen "These rooms seem plenty large for all of us"
Walthus Proudstump says "Bed in the guest room. Room for a bedroll too. Probably room in the storeroom for a bedroll too."
Mizdra says between mouthfuls, "Got a bedroll."
Silas Silas will also get run his purify spell over as much of the gore spilled inside as possible, then follow up with clean water etc.
Naelluk "Neal" shrugs. "I just didn't want to sleep on the mud."
Walthus Proudstump thanks everyone profusely before heading toward bed.
Naelluk "Neal" says "I will make do in the store room well enough. Just a blanket should be fine."
Booch scratches his chin. "I've gotta blanket. And I'll take first with Neal."

Nothing happens overnight.

Silas curls up and goes to sleep swiftly. He's got that trick ex-military have of sleeping wheenver

"Nael, does your companion need to sleep
Viedra wakes up and goes outside to do her daily exercises and meditation
[Judge GM] heals Silas, Ailynn Goldbraid, Naelluk "Neal", Booch, Viedra, Mizdra, Jannu, Walthus Proudstump for 1 damage.
Silas rests.
Ailynn Goldbraid rests.
Naelluk "Neal" rests.
Booch rests.
Viedra rests.
Mizdra rests.
Jannu rests.
Walthus Proudstump rests.
Mizdra is still goose-egged in the morning, but it doesn't look as tender. Her bruises are going colorful and clashing with her skin.
Silas casts Cure Light Wounds on Mizdra.
Silas casts Cure Light Wounds on Ailynn Goldbraid.
Mizdra looks considerably better after the spell. She mutters under her breath, though.
Silas casts Cure Light Wounds on Walthus Proudstump.
Silas casts Cure Light Wounds on Walthus Proudstump.
[Judge GM] heals Ailynn Goldbraid, Naelluk "Neal", Booch, Viedra, Mizdra, Jannu, Walthus Proudstump for 4 damage.
Mizdra doesn't comment if her sons are low on food supplies, but she has enough for everyone for today, at least.
Viedra rolls for a Survival skill check and gets 15.

You spend the day not doing very much at all; Walthus tells you everything he knows about the goblins. He will confirm that the Old Fish Trail leads to their village.

Survival DC 10 check to get along in the wild and provide food; you may provide food for 1 other person for every 2 points over 10.

Ailynn Goldbraid rolls for a Survival skill check and gets 15.
Booch rolls for a Survival skill check and gets 12.
Walthus Proudstump says "I don't know how to thank you all. I do have a little something - a token, really. Would you accept it?
Naelluk "Neal" spends the day looking at books, if he has any.
Silas "Walthus are you willing to take custody of the remains in case the goblins get lucky and defeat us? I would feel better if I knew someone would let their next of kin know. If we win, of course, we'll handle that."
Viedra pulls the bag closer to her and gives Silas a dour look
Ailynn Goldbraid says "If ye think it'll help, we'll be right grateful. "
Mizdra eyes Silas, too. "Let Viedra take care of 'em." To Proudstump she says, "Sure."
Silas to the party as a whole "Do you still wish me to face the goblins unarmed? Or may I have the return of my weapons or at least carve a couple clubs from likely-looking logs?
Booch looks to his mother.
Ailynn Goldbraid says "Th' man's proved himself tae me. Give 'im back his stuff."
Walthus Proudstump says "disappears upstairs for a long time. He returns holding a cloak. "I'll keep hold of the remains; I've got storage space."
Mizdra sighs, frowning, then nods.
Silas "I'll still walk in front of you Tral, so you can keep an eye on me, if that helps."
Naelluk "Neal" says "Look, mom, if he does anything too evil, Jannu can just shoot him."
Viedra walks up to Walthus, growling as she holds his eye contact.
Silas (silas was addressing Mizdra in that last dialog)
Walthus Proudstump gives Viedra a curious look, but doesn't look away. "What is it?"
Mizdra seems mollified by Neal's comment. "Well, keep an eye on him. He's always been trouble. But yeah, he can have his stuff."
Viedra says "Do you swear to me upon the gods that you WILL take these remains back to town and give them the rightful burial they deserve. And if you do not I will come back and harrass you until you beg me for mercy?"
Viedra says "And should I die my soul will haunt you and your offspring until the ends of time"
Silas raises an eyebrow at Viedra but says nothing.
Booch laughs, nervously.
Walthus Proudstump gives Viedra an even odder look. "Well, I wasn't going to eat them."
Viedra rolls for a Intimidate skill check and gets 9.
Viedra says "I'll keep them"
Walthus Proudstump says "Look, they'll get back to town. I don't want them attracting spirits to MY house. You're going to need your arms where you're going."
Viedra says "Where do you want them"
Walthus Proudstump says "Upstairs, first door on the left, storage room."
Silas carefully packs up his gear, double checks his weapons and heads outside to indicate that he's ready to go.
Mizdra eyes the pin.
Walthus Proudstump says "It was a little long when I got it.
Ailynn Goldbraid says "Aye. 'Tis hard tae get stuff that fits us without custom-tailoring things. "
Session: The Halfling's Story - Thursday, Mar 01 2012 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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