This is a story of the City of Mher... or, to be more precise, the story of some of the people who live within the city of Mher.
This is where we discover what our intrepid heroes are involved in, planning, or just plain wishing for, and follow each hero as THEY advance their stories through the medium of their lives, whether together or alone, trying to survive and even thrive in the metropolis that is *The City of Mher*...

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He tried to hit me!!
The stranger snarls at Cano in response, and lunges forward, the dagger in his hand cutting low to seek the soft flesh of Cano's belly.
Cano, his baton now drawn in one hand, smacks the hard polished piece of oak across the knuckles of the assailant as he moves in and twists slightly, trying to avoid the blade but only managing to rob it of some of its power, the blade still drawing a line of blood, though unable to disembowel him as was intended.

Wilfred hears the sharp crack of the baton hitting bone, and moves back round the corner of the roof he just stepped around, to see the stranger snarl, and crouch down, ready to come in again for another stab at Cano...

Silvia moves into the alley she has chosen to move down, glancing around and looking for signs that anyone has moved through the alley at any great speed in the last minute or so, (listen check d20 + 2 => [4] = 6 concentrating hard enough that she fails to recognise the ever so faint sounds from behind her as important...

Xavice, getting a negative response from the ladies, stands for a moment contemplating his next move...

Leodak [listen check d20 => [5] = 5 ) also fails to take note of the sound coming from behind him as he moves into the alley behind Silvia, losing its importance in the sounds of the street traffic in that direction.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 2 => [4] = 6
d20 => [5] = 5
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Combat Round 1
   Cano d20 - 1 => [15] = 14
   Guy  d20 + 2 => [10] = 12

   Cano hit AC d20 => [17] = 17 for d6 => [4] = 4
   Guy  hits AC d20 + 3 => [13] = 16 for d4 + 2 => [1] = 3
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 - 1 => [15] = 14
d20 + 3 => [3] = 6
d20 => [17] = 17
d6 => [4] = 4
d20 + 3 => [11] = 14
d4 + 2 => [1] = 3
2d6 => [1, 4] = 5
d20 + 3 => [2] = 5
d20 + 3 => [1] = 4
d20 + 2 => [10] = 12
d20 + 3 => [13] = 16
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Is that him!?!?
Wilfred leaps the alley below him to make it to the next rooftop, and scans the alleys he can see from his location at the edge (spot check d20 + 6 => [3] = 9 ), While Leodak runs past underneath following Xavice...

Who slows down not at all, as if he hasn't noticed the wall twenty feet in front of him, looking for all intents and purposes as if he is going to crash into it at full speed.
Wilfred watches him, unable to call out, and unable to understand why he hasn't seen the wall, 12 feet high and made of very solid-looking stone blocks, then in a kind of disbelief as he kicks his legs in front of him, half jumping and pushing off the ground, using his feet to propel him up the side of the wall one footstep at a time! In less than a second, Xavice disappears over the wall, still running at full speed and determined to catch up to this thief.

Xavice bursts through a pair of women who were walking along the sidewalk on the other side of the wall, and tears across the road in front of him, not seeing the person in question down the length of the road he has emerged upon.

Leodak rounds the corner at full speed himself, still in the alleyway and sees a wall with a tree next to it, and no sign of Xavice at all, but gamely pumps his legs and moves up the alleyway in pursuit.

Silvia turns the corner and looks down the end of the alleyway in front of her, not seeing sign of the fellow they may be chasing...(Spot check d20 + 2 => [14] = 16 )

Cano strolls down the road, reaching the end of the alleyway, turning into it and proceeds to start examining the area, taking his time and being very thorough...(spot check d20 + 2 => [18] = 20

suddenly Bursting from a pile of discarded and broken crates dumped in the alley by one if the surrounding businesses while Cano is bent examining the prints on the ground, the man everyone is chasing lunges violently for Cano, a dagger gleaming in his right hand as he snarls "Damn you! How the hells did you know it was me? I was clear until you pointed me out!"
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 6 => [3] = 9
d20 + 2 => [14] = 16
d20 + 2 => [18] = 20
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Where did he go again?!?
Xavice runs hard to reach the first set of turnoffs from the alley, and glances both ways before deciding to break left, as he sees Silvia and signals she should keep going in a straight line to cut him off...

Silvia moves through the alley, startling a beggar hidden behind some broken discarded crates stacked along the back of the building beside her as she kicks her feet against the packed dirt alley floor...

Leodak follows a little more slowly now, eying up the windows high in the alleys, (spot check d20 + 1 => [8] = 9 ) before deciding that is is unlikely that someone could move through one and close it as swiftly as he would have needed to without leaving some sign of his passing, before following Xavice, who has now outdistanced him and disappeared around the left bend, leaving him the choice of following him, or moving deeper into the broken alley in the hopes of finding the target...

Wilfred stumbles on the rooftops in his haste to catch sight of the man who has taken his ring, but quickly recovers and moves to the alleyway, some twenty feet below him now, where he sees the lines being run by the others and sees no sight of the villainous hack who took the ring from him...

Cano continues to inspect his nails.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 1 => [8] = 9
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Xavice makes the corner t...
Xavice makes the corner the culprit went around in record time, thundering past the passerby, startling several of them, and turns into the alley to give chase... and curses as he sees the man is no longer in sight in the littered alleyway, with several different ways the fellow could have bolted down... (Spot Check d20 + 3 => [18] = 21 )

Leodak, moving almost as swiftly arrives a few seconds later and glances around the alley as he scans for signs of the direction the person took... (Spot check d20 => [5] = 5 )

Silvia turns a corner, and seeing no sign of the person heading towards her, continues her attempt to cut him off if he runs on this direction...

Wilfred, climbing to the rooftop with ease, (hide check d20 + 7 => [14] = 21 runs across the walkways crisscrossing the roofs to try and intercept the stranger from above, (balance check d20 => [5] = 5 )

and Cano finishes cleaning one nail, inspecting it briefly before working on the next one...
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 3 => [18] = 21
d20 => [5] = 5
d20 + 7 => [14] = 21
d20 => [5] = 5
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