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Outside the Walls...
Last night was long with little talk around the fire. Finding the cursed hood of the foul one spoiled all our moods save Tobar. Indomitable of spirit he returned to the town to spend his night searching for the right "Essene". I fear what he means by that I dont mind telling you, for the look in his eyes changes as if basking in some unseen glory. Only before near spirit touched have I seen such a look, and I tell you I have never liked it. As for Windor he is still withdrawn, I tell you truth, I have tried but I can find little he seems to like. Elgelbert on the other hand could have been from The Clan itself. I am lucky to have found such a brother in these forsaken lands. Yes, I will get to you to, but we have to be ready to tomorrow. We will enter those caves, and then Death will stalk and claim the weak. That means YOU TO, so no forgetting anything. Its simple and this is what we have trained for ok. Nothing is gonna happen, and if it does you remember your training. Stick together help each other and stay safe. Ok, not I took a couple of rabbits on the trail but don't tell them, they know how to hunt. They are just lazy and don't look, let their bellies remind them a day or two and they will start looking again. Now I'm not sure when we will be back. The normal 2 days will be here. You know what to do if you run out. Good boys ok, finish up that rabbit, and don't let them see you. Then pile in and lets rest a bit and wait for the woods to get quite, then we start patrol. Waz, Zog you got the first watch. WAZ, ZOG GUARD CAMP!...
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Session 3: They shoot at... the darkness
While exploring the team trips a collapsing floor trap, finding a stripped naked elf (Aendale) chained to the wall.
Aendale explains he was bush whacked by 6 orcs, and they're down the hall way.

The party frees Aendale and then sneaks up and bush whacks said orcs, killing them all. Finding Aendale's stuff, they see that the magic staff has turned into a 'bow' which has Aendale's (undefined) family name enruned on it. Quickly they find an exit, which plops them back into the castle where they were at earlier.

Further adventuring leads to a Gelatinous Cube Trap that Traps them, 4 more bells, bronse, brazz, silver and gold, all fitting on the bow.

Also, some electrical statues (apparently they can discharge magic rings targeting the party!?) and finally a Baby White Dragon, which our party engages and summarily fights, but not before Winder succumbs to its Icy Breath. Then they restore Winder, so he can finish telling everyone about White Dragons. ;)

Our party finishes the session rounding the corner of a very long hallway, with an inky blackness at the very end of it and 4 ominous black curtains, 2 on each side of the hallway...

Having identified the female voice goading them as Elwyn, they condemn her and gird themselves for the final portion of their quest to retrieve the Bell of Chardastes!

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Session 2: Pushing past the darkness
The party escapes the trogledytes and marches into the evil infested stronghold. Goaded by a female voice, they learn about magical bells of varying power, iron, copper, etc. We also learn about the strong magical darkness in the fortress.

The staff they found in the Trog's camp is now beginning to prove to be much more.

We finish the session with a satisfying sneak attack eliminating 6 devout evil followers, as we march through the evil fortress.
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Session 1: Prelude to adventure
The party met up in Threshold.
Winder: Elven Rogue; Dreams of a cataclysmic inferno that must be stopped.

Tobar Brokenbow: 1/2 Elf Warlock; Carouser who is 'on the lamb' from acquaintances back in Specularum (nearest City).

Engelbert: Human Druid; recently out of the wilds, looking to help his friend Winder stop the cataclysm.

Aendale (a-en-dale : (shows up in game 3) Elven Ranger; Questing to complete his family's 'Bow of Bells' and restore his honor

Threshold, at 'The Tavern': Winder, Engelbert, and Tobar:
Have about 5 adventure options. Choose to go return the 'Bell of Chardastes' that was stolen from Specularum Temple from an Acolyte of Chardastes turned Evil named Elwyn.

On the way to Elwyn's Hold, they come across an encounter:
Female Dryad Chryselopia seems to be charmed by Satyr named Sigrun (and his 3 half ogre brutes). The party avoids conflict and let's Sigrun take Chryselopia back to his place.

The party declares, 'We'll come back for that guy.'

As the reach Elwyn's hold, they are on set by 4 Troglodytes out hunting for food. The party is subdued... but level in the interim...

To be continued.

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