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Outside the Walls...
Last night was long with little talk around the fire. Finding the cursed hood of the foul one spoiled all our moods save Tobar. Indomitable of spirit he returned to the town to spend his night searching for the right "Essene". I fear what he means by that I dont mind telling you, for the look in his eyes changes as if basking in some unseen glory. Only before near spirit touched have I seen such a look, and I tell you I have never liked it. As for Windor he is still withdrawn, I tell you truth, I have tried but I can find little he seems to like. Elgelbert on the other hand could have been from The Clan itself. I am lucky to have found such a brother in these forsaken lands. Yes, I will get to you to, but we have to be ready to tomorrow. We will enter those caves, and then Death will stalk and claim the weak. That means YOU TO, so no forgetting anything. Its simple and this is what we have trained for ok. Nothing is gonna happen, and if it does you remember your training. Stick together help each other and stay safe. Ok, not I took a couple of rabbits on the trail but don't tell them, they know how to hunt. They are just lazy and don't look, let their bellies remind them a day or two and they will start looking again. Now I'm not sure when we will be back. The normal 2 days will be here. You know what to do if you run out. Good boys ok, finish up that rabbit, and don't let them see you. Then pile in and lets rest a bit and wait for the woods to get quite, then we start patrol. Waz, Zog you got the first watch. WAZ, ZOG GUARD CAMP!...
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