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You make me sick...
We were able t’ascertain that the critter’d slithered up from some sort of a tunnel at the head of the nave and a quick look showed naught else pourin’ immediate forth from said hole so’s it was decided t’see what precisely else of interest might be in our current location. With a bit more studied eye it were clear that the temple we’d wandered int’was of a style not seen fer a damnable sight longer than a hundred years gone so’s it were impossible fer the cult t’have built it which was in some small way reassurin’ t’me if no one else. Now where the chancel of a proper Salpian basilica would be there was a wall carved int’twin staircases what lead up the seven or so paces t’the second level such that they commenced upward in the center and ended where the galleries would’ve started in a modern temple but instead lead t’a ledge what held the altar stone. If there were any shadow of a guess that the former occupants were nasty blokes or bat-crap insane seein’ that altar dispelled said shadow immediate-like as it was carved head t’foot and on all sides with petroglyphs dedicated t’whate’er dark deity it was the cult was worshipin’ which had been daubed - rather more accurately soaked - in what I’m assumin’ was blood and some crazed scrawl that I weren’t able t’make head nor tail of but what Raylen translated as “elbows and toes, killkillkill, blood is everything” which went again t’provin’ the last tenants was more than a few turnips short of a full load. Whilst Raylen and I were puzzlin’ over the altar Bardemer managed t’nearly crush himself int’jelly by openin’ a door what held a room full of rubble once again settin’ up a racket fit t’wake the dead, Fearghus and Arcelli opened the opposite door int’a room that the dwarf thought would be more interestin’ as it had a corpse hangin’ from a blade - a trap what had ended one of the missin’ Covalian fellers as he’d tried t’escape - and the corpse appeared t’have heavy pockets.

Now I may have mentioned that the smells and temperatures we’d experienced in our current subterranean tangle of skewed architecture were out of the ordinary for what a body’d expect of anythin’ this far underground so’s anyone listenin’ t’this story might know that pattin’ down the pockets of a corpse what has been hangin’ like strange fruit in a warmish, moist room for the better portion of a couple weeks might not be the wisest decision a short feller ever made and my dear listener would be absolutely correct. Unfortunately fer Bardemer he’d not put that much thought int’what would happen and had t’find out the hard way, or rather the explosively malodorous and clingin’ly disgustin’ way, that once a body’s been deprived of a pulse it fair quick turns int’putrified glop in a delicate skin bag that’ll spew the most rank and vomitous filth right int’the face and open mouth of an ususpectin’ dwarfish youngblood. He further learned that a feller can puke up his boots if his mates lock him in a room with a liquefied corpse t’try t’escape the unholy stench thereof and that maybe, JUST maybe arcane party tricks have a place in dugeoneerin’ if a feller nae wants his beard t’smell like rot for the rest of his livin’ days. I was nae ready t’give up examinin’ the altar stone but the stench was more than any of us could stand so’s we decided t’take a look-see down the tunnel that the critter came out of t’see if the rest of the lost laborers might be found.

The tunnel sloped down at a fair slant and at the bottom there was a level spot where massive counterweight had jumped its track and crushed a feller, but the bothersome thin’ about the remains is that they was completely desiccated after the fact of the crushin’ which is better than before I suppose but still less than pleasant for a certainty. Past the mess there was an actual room what ended the mystery of the missin’ laborers as there was three more corpses all sucked dry as dust and partial submerged in the solid stone of the floor next t’what must’ve inspired Lazlo’s favorite word; attached t’the wall was a mess of silver chains. Knowin’ that silver in sufficient quantity is as good as gold I set t’collectin’ the chains whilst the boys checked the two smaller rooms on either side at which point Arcelli discovered that no matter what size a bug is it nae likes t’have a lantern shined in its hidey-hole and we all discovered that no matter how many legs a giant centipede has, or rather three giant centipedes have, if the floor is greased stayin’ upright is unlikely at best and when properly motivated even an archer can use a long sword t’good effect.

Once the boys were done dancin’ with the big bugs we lit out down the last unexplored corridor and came to a chamber that solved the mysterious warmth and stench - hot springs bubblin’ and belchin’ sulfur fit t’gag a maggot on a gut wagon. As a lass what makes her livin’ by the strength and capacity of her lungs there was no way on the gods’ great creation I was goin’ any further so’s I hung back a bit and let the fellers proceed as was their desire and despite a goodly portion of sparklin’ from what appeared t’be raw gems the undulatin’ of the floor and ceilin’, beetles and bats respectively, led the fellers t’the decision that mayhap discretion was the better part of valor and we should go back upstairs t’see if the stink had cleared out or if we were even able t’smell anythin’ any longer.

In our backtrackin’ we checked the two rooms we’d left alone earlier and found naught but some writin’s what had nae crumbled t’dust so’s I took ‘em for a lark and a read later t’see if there was aught of interest in ‘em. Somethin’ bugged me about the whole place though still - as when it was constructed this place was above ground the offset of the altar platform and the size of the structure nae jibed so’s I had Bardemer take a closer look since he was fair recovered from garfin’ up his breakfast and sure as shite draws flies there was a hidden catch and the bloody stone moved t’reveal a staircase down int’what turned out t’be a trove which was right pleasant as the Count had said we could keep what we found without quabble from him or his. After we’d let said nobleman know what happened t’his laborers Bardemer volunteered t’lead any further expeditions t’the ruins t’make certain no more fellers got in over their heads and bolster the ranks of the Einogen’s force t’which everyone was agreed it was fer the best.
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