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The song of darkness like a bell...
Hurpety Derpety
Ol' Fearghus Turnbull once
Taunted a dragon he
Then failed to kill;
Damn little wonder that
This course of action has
Ended up ill.

Soggity Boggity
Green dragon Skyrralix
Harbored a grudge as it
Skulked in the wet;
Waiting and hatching plots
Malice and loathsomeness
Blacker than jet.

Blinkety Winkety
Ferry at Meadhainfaire
Set out with thirty-eight
Souls cross the swell;
Proof against acid breath
Broken by vengeance she
Plunged into hell.

Splashity Crashity
Thirty-four innocents
Caught in a battle that
Was not foreseen;
Aral protector acts
Falls without fighting to
Skyr'lix the Green.

Sinkety Drinkety
Twenty-five innocents
Joined that dead brawler 'neath
Storm-swollen waves;
We three companions
Knew we must show how a
Hero behaves!

Dragony Agony
Green dragon Skyrralix
Thought it could out-fly a
Gods-favored priest;
Ranger made grasses grow
Dove in and with one stroke
Slew the damned beast!
Session: Are we there yet? - Saturday, Dec 08 2012 from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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