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Nature's revenge of our strange behaviors...
A body'd think that after three straight months or better of sittin' on those hard, arse-bustin' College benches that a few days in the saddle would nae be any great difficulty but a body'd be thinkin' entirely wrong. Off we'd tropped northward on the King's Road and were nae much more than a day or two out when Arcelli sniffs the air and says we'd best be finding secure shelter as the likelihood of havin' our heads caved in with hail was near a certainty. We put spurs to flank, not that the horses need much urgin' except for Clod, and rode hell-bent fer leather int' the burgeonin' village of Riparo. Arcelli kept an eye skyward and smacked Clod on the rump as a reminder to keep runnin' since the critter is nae smart enough t'get out of the rain evidently.

We saw that all of Riparo was hammerin' and shutterin' as fast and as furious as they could, watchin' the rain line get closer and us just before it. Aral luck bein' what it is the innkeep seen us haulin' hard and hollered us t'the stable he was fixin' t'shutter tight. Time bein' of the essence we rode in - rather, Hokur pounded in top speed and somehow managed a full-circle turn and dismount whilst Neguma took the opportunity to remind Raylen that he's taller on horseback than the average stable door lintel. There were a few hail stones as big as hedge apples what bounced in as Hokur helped the innkeep swing the door to but fortunate enough, everyone who was within runnin' distance was already inside.

Now, imagine if ye will what it would sound like if dwarves in hobnail'd boots danced the jig on your roof. Now imagine it noisier and add in a few hundred hyper halflings with hammers and you'll be almost of a mind as t'what it sounded like in that stable. And somehow over that din Arcelli picks out another sound so's he has Hokur help him hold open the walk-out door so's he can take a peek. Of a certainty there was somethin' worse on the way - 'twas a cyclone headed for town though, by the gods' good graces, nae t'ward our buildin' - though Arcelli and Hokur said naught except t'herd man and beastie alike under the stiffest supports of the loft. Betwixt Raylen's timely prayin', Arcelli calmin' spooked critters, and Hokur whistlin' like nothin' was amiss, man and beast was kept calm enough t'nae be a danger t'themselves or others.

Near as soon as 'twas started 'twas done though it seemed a might longer, and in fair short order the rain dwindled t'a patter so's we could look out and see what damage had been done provided Hokur could shove the door open, which he did despite the half of a roof leaned ‘gainst it. As we was none the worse of it and extra hands besides the fellers bolted off t'ward the closest rubble t'see if there was anyone t'be spared whilst me and Dubh headed t'the river side of the road t'find whosoever might be in charge. Long story short, we found the mayor but he was in a panic, as his house was collapsed atop his wife, and nae of overmuch assistance understandably - and before ye say I'm bein' a might flip where the gent's lady is concerned I'll have ye know she's fine - betwixt Dubh findin' her and the fellers here gettin' her out in one piece she's none the worse for it.

Orginizin' chaos not bein' the strong suit of anyone aside from me and the fellers we had our hands full calmin' and countin' which is a sight larger task when ye nae know who's who or supposed t'be where. But, as every Aral knows, when ye need t'get a handle on a crowd ye give 'em a task then reward 'em with feedin' so's they sit the hells down and a body can get a count. Three was missin' of which Arcelli found two and the other was little missed as he was the town drunk so he was deemed t'be passed out in a culvert somewheres and if he nae showed in a day or so they'd commence lookin'. There bein' nae any more good deeds needin' done short of rebuildin' the south quarter of town we hied on out the next mornin' as Arcelli was certain we'd nae any more foul weather on the immediate horizon.
Session: Once again into the breach... - Saturday, Jun 08 2013 from 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM
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