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Y'see, it happen't like this
Namen, more properly called by his formal name of Master Roodle by one in his employ but as I’ve been knowin’ him fer the better part of two years without formally bein’ one of the help I feel fair comfortable callin’ him by his given name, bein' that he's now some sort of pillar of the community and entirely too busy to have any fun whatsoever, was bemoanin' the fact that he had no time to gather the essentials fer his trade - his trade bein' the craftin' of oddities of an arcane nature of course - and in general bein' a crotchety ol' cuss. Says I that he should lighten up a smidge and just tell the council to go fluff their own doilies fer a bit so's he can get somethin' interestin' goin'. Says he that I should put down whate'r it was I was fiddlin' with and make myself useful - as if I weren't useful by playin' my fingers numb when he's makin' those cussed music boxes - and go fill this with ear wax whilst pitchin' a stone jar at my head. Of course, catchin' the jar, says I - I'll just go roll me a few beggars and be back in a trice. Then, says he, that it’s got ter be goblin ear wax and that I might just want to find me some help fer the undertakin’ of said task. Says I that if he’s so hells-bent on havin’ a fetch an’ carry team that he should come with me t’pick ‘em out ‘cause sure as Kiara made little green apples he’ll find some fault with whom-so-ever I might pick on my own. That fair well shut him up fer a moment – granted a short moment, but a moment none-the-less. I made some half-disparagin’ remark as to his ability to walk so far as the Blushin’ Trull and that sealed the deal; he was comin’ with me.

Namen, Master Roodle fer those of you who need the formality, is a lively sort of bloke when he isn’t bein’ all uppity so’s the walk through town was fair pleasant. We got to the Trull on ‘bout tea time and stood there in the door fer a moment lettin’ our eyes adjust to the practiced gloom of a good inn. I spied my first choice from the doorway in the form of a big Araldite feller what almost had enough weapons to bear the name and t’wasn’t draped in some gods-awful color that I’d have had to split his skull for. Namen sees him a couple of little fellers – Salpians both – huddled together in some sort of hushy conversation over in the corner. Knowin’ that no business can commence without proper lubrication I headed to the bar fer pitchers and jacks.

The innkeep is a fast acquaintance of mine from my first landin’ in Laescaerta and days at the Academé when I would shunt as much business his way as I could reasonably be expected to without gettin’ more than my grog fer half price so’s he already had two pitchers set out and needed only to know how many jacks to stack on the tray. Cultivatin’ a couple of barkeeps is never a bad idea because a body never knows when that particular tree might bear fruit, but it never fails to produce. Says I that six would appear to be a prosperous number, and so just that many I took to the table. I hailed the big Araldite feller with my elbow as I was crossin’ the room and put a little swish in my step to hurry him along. He managed to make it to the table without crackin’ his skull on one of those cursed low beams that Salpian architects insist on, and plunkered down at the table with Namen, the pair of Salps and me.
Session: Gettin' it Together - Friday, Jun 24 2011 from 11:15 PM to 9:15 AM
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