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Letter home
Dearest Family and Friends,

I can honestly say that I never expected to be corresponding from another institution of higher learning again in my lifetime, let alone so recently after having escaped the stony embrace of one such edifice but, here I am, there you are, and so I write to assure you that I've nae been locked away or conveniently done away with regardless of the remarkable lack of proper appreciation of humor to be found amongst the faculty of said institution. I believe factors working in my favor include the fact that I am, quite literally, the only Aral in Ulante, one of only a handful of contori, and have had dinner with the Chancellor twice. By the by, Namen, thank you for the tip that he's a cognac man - right useful piece of information that! To the rest of you lot, whatever stories our illustrious employer has regaled you with regarding the sheer arse-headedness of the College were, in point of fact, greatly understated.

So, courses - ha! There's the first headache the poor bastards got courtesy of me having already passed the competence exam - but regardless of said fact they were still going to make me sit through the basic 'how to read arcane scribble' course... until I pointed out that if any poor sod tried to cast what was written on the board they'd more likely conjure a lovely mince pie rather than a light spell; correcting the instructor is a fast ship to the next level it would seem. Matrixes of Magic went much the same way - suggesting to the class that one needn't sully one's pockets with bat shite and bug guts is another fast ship forward. It took about two weeks of helpful suggestions to get my point across so now I'm taking all four levels of History of the Arcane, Basics of Transmutation (I give that another week until I'm shipped out), Responsibility for the Future, and some fantastic bit of tripe called Appeasement which is nae more than an advanced course of 'How to Kiss Crowned Arse' - Ostasio would have a spitting fit if he sat in for even half a turn of the glass! Once I get a pass on Transmutation I'll audit the Familiars course - at least that one sounds interesting.

In addition to course work there are, of course, the wonderfully menial tasks that in any other situation would amount to slave labor by which I mean wandering around in the tit-numbing cold and looking for black mold to set on fire... really, Namen, you could make a mint selling effluvia filters to the College and save future generations from frostbite in the process! By the by, I can set things on fire now, however suggesting to impressionable young arcanists that it would look funny if they cast burning hands bent over so it looked like it was coming from their respective arses is a good way to finish an entire section of campus by one's self, not that I'd know from personal experience or anything like that, mind you.

The food is bad, the weather horrible, and the social grace of the majority of students is worse. I've taken to providing impromptu culture lessons at dinner for any who are interested so at least a few of these poor blokes might not embarrass themselves if they ever meet anyone of higher station than a swineherd - which practice has inadvertently put me in the good graces of Lector Dur.

Time is running short if I want to get this posted today so I'll bid you all good health for now – should Namen be heading this way I'd nae object to left-overs if he could fit them in his pack.

All my love and the better portion of my sanity,
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Epic × 2!
The song of darkness like a bell...
Hurpety Derpety
Ol' Fearghus Turnbull once
Taunted a dragon he
Then failed to kill;
Damn little wonder that
This course of action has
Ended up ill.

Soggity Boggity
Green dragon Skyrralix
Harbored a grudge as it
Skulked in the wet;
Waiting and hatching plots
Malice and loathsomeness
Blacker than jet.

Blinkety Winkety
Ferry at Meadhainfaire
Set out with thirty-eight
Souls cross the swell;
Proof against acid breath
Broken by vengeance she
Plunged into hell.

Splashity Crashity
Thirty-four innocents
Caught in a battle that
Was not foreseen;
Aral protector acts
Falls without fighting to
Skyr'lix the Green.

Sinkety Drinkety
Twenty-five innocents
Joined that dead brawler 'neath
Storm-swollen waves;
We three companions
Knew we must show how a
Hero behaves!

Dragony Agony
Green dragon Skyrralix
Thought it could out-fly a
Gods-favored priest;
Ranger made grasses grow
Dove in and with one stroke
Slew the damned beast!
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