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Letter from Bernardo
Esteemed Father,

I do hope this missive finds you and Mother well and the burden of your respective duties not over-taxing. I last heard of Grandfather a fortnight ago and from the account he is as hearty, hale and sharp as ever which did my heart good. Illia was seen by one of the maids of Sottovelo at market this week and she appears to be in good spirits and happily anticipating the birth of her and Rigolito’s first child with no small measure of joy. I hope to be granted a leave to visit the happy couple after the birth of the child and as Master Roodle is a fair and benevolent employer, if somewhat unorthodox, I feel reasonably certain that my request will be granted as the distance is easily traversable on foot within a day so I would not be away from my duties overlong. I am certain to have more firm plans as the joyous event draws nearer.

In missives past I have mentioned the peculiar complexities of managing a staff which includes an Aral matron of strong will, as if there were any other type, and her daughter. These aforementioned complexities have not become any less convoluted with the addition of the Mrs. Brus’ niece to the household. The young lady is well-behaved enough, for one of her profession, education and background so I was understandably vexed when Mrs. Brus began acting in such an unprofessional manner. I beg your indulgence to allow me to explain the situation.

Miss Lachlan recently graduated from the Royal Salp Academé of Music and the Arts and returned to Sottovelo as a sort of break before she sought out her own situation. The Master of the House enjoys a lively and educated conversationalist and in this capacity Miss Lachlan is quite simply unsurpassed as a partner when she so chooses. Unfortunately she chooses this course of action regardless of the situation at hand and as such can be somewhat underfoot for Master Roodle when he is in a mode of business. It was one of these exchanges that led to Miss Lachlan being hired by Master Roodle to accomplish a task which he could not immediately undertake himself, and for which Mister Nurn was absent, in addition to three other freemen, two countrymen and one Aral. The details of their business is unimportant except for the fact that it kept them away from Sottovelo for three and twenty days which lies at the heart of the complexity.

Mrs. Brus, after the fifteenth day of their absence, began to fret over the safety of Miss Lachlan although the latter is of the age of majority and in a situation which can, to my eyes, only benefit her. After the seventeenth day I noted that Miss Brus, who is perhaps the least prone to gossip maid I have ever known, began speaking with the messengers who brought the mail. By the nineteenth day I noted that any items that came in the post were being delivered to the kitchen through the alley entrance. Mrs. Brus was bribing the entirety of the messenger corps with her, admittedly expert, baking. Master Roodle was deeply involved with research and I thought it best not to disturb him for something I should well be able to handle myself and though I did speak to the local dispatch this usurpation continued until Miss Lachlan arrived, quite unharmed, at Sottovelo with her companions likewise intact. I quite rightly left her to her fate when Mrs. Brus learned of her return although I did rescue her companions after less than an hour of Cook’s diatribe.

I intended to speak with Miss Lachlan and Mrs. Brus the next morning regarding the issue but I did not have an opportunity. It was well past the midnight watch when I heard a knock at my chamber door which turned out to be the upstairs maid. Miss Lachlan had sent her up to request my presence in the library. I was… intrigued to say the very least. I disengaged the night bell, in case Master Roodle needed anything while I was out of my chamber, so the downstairs bell would ring and entered the library with some small amount of trepidation.

What I found was Miss Lachlan and Mrs. Brus, who looked rather more abashed that I thought her able, standing at one of the side tables with what I recognized as a very fine bottle of cognac. Mrs. Brus – and on this point you may think I am exaggerating – curtseyed; and with her head held high and genuine warmth in her voice, begged pardon for her actions with the messengers! On the heels of this shocking behavior from a woman I have never heard utter a syllable of apology to anyone Miss Lachlan, in a very respectable and formal tone, apologized for her inconsiderate behavior in not letting her employer or family know of her safety and asked that I accept the aforementioned bottle of very fine cognac as a token of their shared sentiments of regret.

I am not too proud to say that this revelation of manners quite took me off guard and every scolding thing I had to say immediately vanished from my mind. I could do nothing but accept the apologies and request that if, in the future, there were a similar situation that Mrs. Brus notify me of her concern and I would gladly notify her of any correspondence that bore Miss Lachlan’s hand directly after I delivered said missive to Master Roodle. Mrs. Brus said she would immediately and irrevocably rescind her bribery to the messengers and that any who came to the kitchen door would be turned away to go to the front of the house as is proper. I do not think that my offer over-steps my duties or borders on gossip as Miss Lachlan was Mrs. Brus’ charge until her graduation just a few short months ago.

I will watch very closely, but there seems to have been a slight change in Mrs. Brus’ attitude which may make my duties at Sottovelo somewhat less vexing.

I remain your devoted and respectful son,

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