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Affidavit in the Matter of Magesterium Order One

Submitted to Sergio Bullardo, Captain of the Sperso Garrison

As the remedies of Magesterium Order One are applied in many and immediate ways it is decreed that all bonded arcanists and any other lawful official who, either by the royal order or by duty of conscription, has been or shall be selected to determine the identity of unlicensed spontaneous arcanists (hereinafter referred to as sorcerers); or any person of whatever rank invested with the legal obligation to identify such; as well as all to whom was delegated the power to identify such, shall be invested with the name of Quester, and shall be entitled to the rights, and subject to the liabilities of that office, whether as these relate to the privileges or the penalties attaching to the same.

Every Quester is admonished that he shall give the reasons, in their proper order, for the decision he has made; and this he shall do, either in the presence of the Crown, the Inquisition, or of those whom said bodies have chosen to represent them. After the decision has been brought to an end, he who decided the cause in the first place must account for his conduct to those who have been specially appointed Inquisitors by royal decree; so that in case he should be found to have rendered an improper decision, he may give satisfaction therefor before the law. To the end of the former, I, Quester Maeve Gillian Eadana Lachlan, bonded arcanist with credentials provided and maintained by the Royal Salp Academé for Music and the Arts, duly contracted in the employ of Master Namen Roodle, and resident of said Master's domicile Sottovelo in the city of Lacaratae situated in the Duchy of Stilio in the Kingdom of Salpia submit the following statements of fact;

1. That I am a bonded arcanist with formal training in recognizing the sanctioned forms and implements of magic use,

2. That at or about midday on Queen's Day the third in the Month of Spears I was personally involved with a confrontation with the person known to me as Alvardo Sendezi in the settlement of Sperso,

3. That during this dispute I directly observed the person known to me as Alvardo Sendezi utilize a spell form that is strictly prohibited by Magesterium Order One against Fearghus Turnbull,

4. That I recognized the prohibited spell form as being one employed by known sorcerers,

5. That after identifying the prohibited spell form I clearly announced that the person known to me as Alvardo Sendezi was a sorcerer (using common parlance) to alert all to his treason,

6. That after announcing my firm knowledge that the person known to me as Alvardo Sendezi was a sorcerer the person known to me as Alvardo Sendezi directed a spell at my person,

7. That I identified the spell directed at me as being of a spell form strictly prohibited by Magesterium Order One,

8. And that I witnessed the rightful execution of the person known to me as Alvardo Sendezi as dictated by Magesterium Order One.

I, Maeve Gillian Eadana Lachlan, depose that I have read the foregoing AFFIDAVIT by me subscribed, that the matters stated herein are true to the best of my information, knowledge and belief.

Signed with witness on Queen's Day the third in the Month of Spears,

Contora Quester Maeve Gillian Eadana Lachlan
Session: Barring plague... - Friday, Jan 06 2012 from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM
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