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Another round
Hokur dropped his empty flagon back on the table in front of him and motioned for another.

“Now iffen ye recall” the big man began, “afore I were fightin’ lizards in nothin’ but me boots while bollocks deep in one o’ them soiled elfish doves, we’d done a bit o’ travelin’ in the yonders o’ home sweet Aral.” He gave a nod and continued. “Oh aye, Aral – an’ that’s a fair stretch o’ land from south o’ Struthencloch t’ the silky pillows o’ Lala Falucie or whatever th’ balls th’ Elves named it.”

"Leulëleocë." Maeve corrected his butchering with a raised eyebrow and quirk of her mouth.

“Aye, s’wot I said weren’t it.“ He grinned at the bard. “So’s there we were, bookin’ passage on the Guldflamme of Enar Ulafson out o’ Struthencloch bound fer Ulante. That’s abit o’ sea travel! …but when th’ wizard what pays yer way says “Get waters from the Serpent Sea not seen by land nor sky”, that’s where ye end up at. Now, ‘bout time th’ boat … “

“Ship.” Maeve interjected.

Hokur paused and shot her a look while Raylen grinned. “…th’ ship is ready t’ sail, I’d done had enough o’ wharf doxies. Ev’n th’ higher quality was leather-skinned, stringy, an’ bit too predatory fer me personal tastes.” He leaned back and stroked down his long moustaches. “I surppose that’s part o’ why I nae ‘ave anythin’ good t’ say regardin’ Turnbulls – ev’n their harlots can ruin a good fuck. Mebbe nae as bad as Salps, but Salps’ll least fake it fer more coin better’n those port whores. Ha, reckon I’ve had a samplin’ of professional gals jus’bout all across th’ land now, but that’s really a different story or three.”

“More like three score, ye lecherous cad,” Maeve quipped over her glass.

“Ever been to Sperso?” Arcelli asked. “Those gods-forsaken rot cunts… rather fuck a rabid owlbear covered in stirges. Or maybe that’s what they were, just in clothes. Fucking gash hags.” The ranger shuddered at the memory.

“Nae, ne’er had one of yer famed feral hookers of Sperso, Arcelli, an’ nae likely t’ either. No sir thank you very much no!” Hokur finished with a violent shake of his head.

He took a pull on his refilled mug. “Ah, now sailin’ on th’ mighty blue… nae that I know all shite from shinola ‘bout a boat, ship, aye lass, I know.” He shot the bard a glance which was met with that raised brow again. “Of cour’, Maeve is up on deck most days gobblin’ up songs ‘n stories as fast as them Nord sailor boys’ll teach her. Girl can speak almost any tongue out there, made ‘erself right at home with th’ mate Ivark. Meanwhiles, Arcelli ‘n meself stays out o’ th’ way. Best way t’ piss a man right off is gettin’ in ‘is way when he’s workin’. So’s I went about losing a few coins on dice when them big blokes was nae busy hauling rope or scrubbing wood. An’ Raylen, well…” the merc made an expansive gesture and brought his hands together at his chest. “Our poor priest must nae ‘ave known ‘bout sea sickness, as Neguma blessed ‘im wit’ a dousing o’ th’ green oyster growls fer the first few days. Kept ‘im downwind ‘n leeward right enough, ‘n damn near had t’ haul him out o’ th’ swells a few times. Nae that I be any old hat a’ it, but I was hav’n none o’ that, bein’ th’ years in th’ saddle must o’ given me a right appreciation fer walkin wit’ a rollin deck under me legs. An’ just ‘bout the time Raylen’s nae looking green about the gills, t’were time t’ go in the salty brine.”

“Now, fer this venture, Raylen was front an’ center, being th’ only one t’be able t’ use his spells t’ go deep enough t’ get out o’ the sight o’ sky ‘cause we were already beyond sight o’ land fer days. That’s a brave one,” he said as he raised his drink in salute to the slight priest. “Droppin’ down inta th’ cold deep enough t’ have all th’ light fade out t’ blackness, down inta th’ serpent’s hold as th’ Nord say. So’s e’s layerin the blessings o’ Neguma on his priestly self fer this venture t’fetch water from under the water – wizards, man, wizards,” Hokur gave a slight shake of his head and grinned before continuing. “We’d looped a bit o’ rope around him, so’s we can haul ‘em back up once he’s done his task an’ Arcelli asks him if he’s ready. I sees it comin’ as I was holdin’ th’ rope but afore I can say anything th’ fool nods an’ Arcelli shoves him o’er th’ rail an’ there I was, fishing wit’ a priest as bait in the Serpent Sea.”
Session: Sail away, sail away, sail away... - Saturday, Jan 19 2013 from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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