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I, Fukazawa Michichika, kahan of the roju of the Empire of Wa, hereby grant the holders of this document license to travel through the lands under the protection of the shogun on an errand endorsed by the shogun himself. This license shall expire upon midnight on the fifth day of the month of Hsiang in the year of Ji Chou.
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The Code of One Hundred Articles
The Code of One Hundred Articles

  • By right of kirsute gome, a samurai is always authorized to destroy a member of a lower class who offends him.

  • Persons of common rank shall not change occupations without permission from the daimyo.

  • Persons of common rank shall not travel outside their immediate district without permission.

  • The sale and acquisition of land is forbidden.

  • By right of sukego, the government may requisition horses and men for days at a time to work on roads or repair government buildings.

  • Theft, murder, and treason are all punishable by death.

  • The entire family of a criminal convicted of a severe crime may be executed with him.

  • [ 92 other sundry laws...]

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    Keian no Furegaki
    Keian no Furegaki

  • The husband must work in the field, and the wife must work at the loom. Both must work at night.

  • The husband should rise early and cut the grass before going to the fields.

  • If a wife neglects her household duties, her husband must divorce her, regardless of her beauty.

  • Farmers are forbidden to squander their money on sake or tobacco.

  • Farmers are forbidden to wear silk. All clothes must be made of cotton or hemp.

  • Bamboo trees must be planted around the house. The fallen leaves must be used as fuel.

  • [et cetera]

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    Buke Shohatto
    Buke Shohatto
    Rules for the Military House
    With commentary from experts in law

  • National laws of Wa are determined by the shogunate.

  • Daimyo and local officials may pass laws exclusive to their own provinces, so long as they complement national laws and meet the approval of the shogunate.

  • Military arts shall not be pursued at the expense of academic subjects.

  • Those who give shelter to lawbreakers shall be considered lawbreakers themselves.
  • Commentary: Those who protect a criminal are criminals themselves and will receive the same punishment. If the murderer and his family are to be killed, then all of the village who shelter him will meet the same fate.

  • Landholders are required to expel soldiers guilty of treason or murder.

  • Sanctuary shall not be given to citizens plotting treason or rebellion.

  • Any conspiracy against the shogun or another daimyo must be immediately reported.
  • Commentary: To conceal a plot is the same as concealing a criminal and is worthy of the same punishment. Therefore, anyone who conceals the plottings of others must be a part of that plot.

  • Unauthorized repair or construction of castles is forbidden, without the express permission of the shogun.
  • Commentary: For a lord to build his fortifications is a sign of warfare and rebellion, certain to create unrest against the shogun. Therefore, repairs can only be made with the shogun's permission.

  • No daimyo will make improvements in his lands or recover new lands from the wilderness without the permission of the shogun.
  • Commentary: To make one's lands better than a neighbor's is to create discontent and strife. But to show one's lord your devotion and talent is a worthy thing. So should all improvements be reported to the shogun, that he might bestow his reward and turn away from those who would speak badly of the lord.

  • Marriages of lords or great samurai shall not be privately contracted.
  • Commentary: Marriage is the way of alliance and plotting. This causes unrest in the state. Therefore, the shogun will say who is allowed to marry whom.

  • The family of a daimyo will reside in the city of the shogun.
  • Commentary: To prevent the daimyo from becoming unruly, their wives and children are required to remain hostage in the capital. In this way the safety of all the land is assured.

  • Extravagant or brightly colored clothes are forbidden except on festival days without the consent of the government.

  • No person of common rank may ride in palanquins, except for doctors, invalids, and the aged.
  • Commentary: There are four classes of people in the land—merchant, craftsman, farmer, and lord. Each class must know its place and cannot presume upon the privileges of those greater than it. In only this way will harmony be preserved.

  • Daimyo should choose capable advisors to serve them.

  • Drunkenness and wanton or lewd behavior is prohibited under all circumstances, as this is unbecoming and leads to the downfall of the state.
  • Commentary: For the state to remain strong, the warriors must remain always vigilant. Drunkenness, gambling, and other vices cause daimyo to look weak in the eyes of the people.

    [et cetera]

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    Kinchu Kuge Shohatto
    Kinchu Kuge Shohatto
    Rules for the Palace and the Court
    Issued by decree of the shogunate in Wa Year 1663

  • The emperor is to devote himself to learning and leave the details of governing to the shogunate.

  • The shogunate shall appoint ministers to assist the emperor in his duties.

  • The ministers shall have authority over the princes of royal blood.

  • The emperor shall approve all major government appointments made by the shogunate.

  • [Afterwards follows a pedantic list of rules for costume and rank in the emperor’s court.]

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    Official Corrspondence
    Filfaeril Selazair Obarskyr,
    Queen of the Kingdom of Cormyr
    Grandmother to King Azoun V, the rightful heir,
    & Her daughter, the Royal Regent,
    Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr,

    To His Eminence,
    Lord Matasuuri Nagahide,
    Shogun of the Empire of Wa:

    The favor of the Celestial Bureaucracy be upon thee.
    We beseech thee to grant a favor on account of the peaceful standing of our two nations.
    Several decades ago, in Wa Year 1756, Ambassador Yunoko, our emissary to thy great empire and, moreover, a daughter of Hirayama Tsuki, daughter of Hirayama Taiyo of Iiso, was slain, murdered while on assignment. Her murder was never solved, as your records will confirm.
    Bearing this letter are seven persons who have been chosen by our gods to find new evidence pertaining to Yunoko’s death. We shall not explain the matter here, because of its sensitivity, but we trust that this new evidence will be of great interest to the shogunate, as it pertains to the imperial line of Wa. These seven persons we now send to thee, as a token of good favor and as official representatives of the Kingdom of Cormyr in respect to this matter. We humbly request, first, that thou hearest their discovery, and, second, being convinced of its importance to both of our nations, that thou grantest them permission to investigate the matter further upon your soil until the matter be resolved to thine and our satisfaction.
    Perhaps, thou wilst see in this plea and this information a benefit to renewed trade between our two great peoples.

    Filfaeril Selazair Obarskyr

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    Imperial Line of Succession of Wa
    The following is a translation of an official record of the government of the Empire of Wa as shared by Minister of History Hikkisha Tsuyoi.

    The record is complete until Wa year 1754, when Matasuuri Nagahide succeeded Matasuuri Boryoku as Shogun, and corresponds to the year 1311 in the Cormyr Reckoning.

    The First Year of Chisho
    First Emperor Kochi, Master of the Peach Tree
    Who was granted the Moonlight Arrow
    By the Spirit of Wa
    Reigned for 412 years

    Then followed
    The War of the Spirits
    In which the Moonlight Arrow was lost.

    The First Year of Koyo
    Second Emperor Kasada
    Who regained the Moonlight Arrow
    From the Spirit of Yakamashi Mountain

    The First Year of Kuni
    Kasada Nagazane
    Who ruled during the life
    Of the great Samon

    The 581st Year of Kuni
    Kasada Kogakusha
    Who died without leaving an heir.

    The First Year of Goshukara

    The 16th Year
    Goshukara Tsuba

    The 65th Year
    Goshukara Hankoteki

    The 67th Year
    Goshukara Taiyobisho

    The 76th Year
    Goshukara Rukimbaru
    Who built the Imperial Palace
    In the city of the same name

    The 118th Year
    Goshukara Gokami
    Who reigned during the Omi War with Shou Lung

    The 159th Year
    Goshukara Buru

    The 168th Year
    Goshukara Harukame

    The 222nd Year
    Goshukara Hametsu
    Who was slain by Shou Lung invaders

    Then followed the Shou Lung Traitorum
    Until Hidden Shogun Nitta Shogoro drove the invaders from the land

    The 669th Year
    Empress Goshukara Bishkammon
    Who reigns until her youngest son comes of age

    The 685th Year
    Goshukara Sukui
    Who is slain by Nitta Kyozetsu
    Who briefly reigns as Emperor

    The 715th Year
    Goshukara Yami

    The 748th Year
    Goshukara Seisei

    The 753rd Year
    Goshukara Yorokobi

    The 767th Year
    Goshukara Meiyoko

    The 769th Year
    Goshukara Saimukansai

    The 789th Year
    Goshukara Oku

    The 827th Year
    Goshukara Takeoji

    The 868th Year
    Goshukara Noburu

    The 901st Year
    Goshukara Bohatei

    The 949th Year
    Goshukara Shirukuburo

    The 949th Year
    Goshukara Okurimono

    The 962nd Year
    Goshukara Nodansei

    The 998th Year
    Goshukara Todoroku

    The 1041st Year
    Goshukara Kawasaji

    The 1057th Year
    Goshukara Fuyuyameru

    The 1094th Year
    Goshukara Fumetsu

    The 1123rd Year
    Goshukara Seikatsu

    The 1168th Year
    Goshukara Tomi

    The 1209th Year
    Goshukara Kyofubusho
    When Hidegari Iegusa besieged Kozakura

    The 1235th Year
    Goshukara Saishunam

    The 1269th Year
    Goshukara Manzoku

    The 1289th Year
    Goshukara Yumebijon

    The 1343rd Year
    Goshukara Tentaiko
    When the great teacher
    Appeared in the clouds

    The 1361st Year
    Goshukara Ritoku

    The 1382nd Year
    Goshukara Rezun

    The 1429th Year
    Goshukara Saishoha

    The 1479th Year
    Goshukara Aikoku

    The 1509th Year
    Goshukara Kashikaze

    The 1529th Year
    Goshukara Hikari

    The 1549th Year
    Goshukara Umakami
    Who reigned during the Tokiryo War

    The 1580th Year
    Goshukara Iiso
    Who moved the capital to the city of the same name

    The 1596th Year
    Goshukara Shuku

    The 1645th Year
    Goshukara Raimei

    The 1669th Year
    Goshukara Konoma

    The 1669th Year
    Goshukara Kumo

    The 1675th Year
    Goshukara Natsu

    The 1680th Year
    Goshukara Kando

    The 1697th Year
    Goshukara Yoruuta

    The 1736th Year
    Goshukara Genshukuna

    The 1749th Year
    Goshukara Choko
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    Chapter 1 — The Interlink Consortium Corporate Asteroid
    Several of the sailors were now at work mopping the deck of blood and scavver-stomach contents. Nargroth and silent Guttar carried the body of the scavver town to the galley to butcher it for meat — being careful to avoid any meat around its stomach. Oma went to Jayce to explain what had happened. (He, by the helm's magic, had been able to observe the whole incident but was helpless to do anything about it.) Szordrin bathed himself as best he cook with a bucket of water and changed into other clothes. Solisar and Martho went back to the map.

       They returned to the process of making small "jumps" from asteroid to asteroid, but now, twice as many sailors were above deck, watching both every asteroid they came to and all around the ship for any sign of unwanted creatures entering their air envelope.

       Before Bansh began to climb the ropes up the mizzen-mast, Hakam asked the newest sailor a question. "What manner of creature are you? I have not seen your kind on my world."

       "I am a hadozee," said Bansh, and he then leapt up and began to climb.

       It was not long before they arrived. The Interlink Consortium Corporate Asteroid was about 750 feet in diameter. At one of the peaks of the irregularly shaped space rock was a tower, sticking about eight stories out of the stone. A few tiny lights blinked from some sort of pole at the very top, perhaps acting as guiding lights for approaching vessels. The tower had many windows, with light seen beyond them.

       From another side, a large wooden shaft seemed to jut out from the rock, like a sideways — relative to the tower — chimney or pipe.

       "That is the warehouse docking tunnel," said Martho. "Steer us carefully into that. Keep the tower up."

       "Understood," said Rimardo.

       The wooden tube structure was easily large enough for the Frihet to sail into. It had a flattened rectangular opening that was twice as wide as it was high. When they had centered themselves, they all felt a sudden jostle, as their ship fell into the asteroid's gravity plane and began floating. The entrance tunnel extended into the asteroid for about 300 feet. At the far end was a wooden dock, built at the same level as the gravity plane, as were the docks on the Rock of Bral.

       On the right side of the dock was tied another spelljammer. This one was a bit larger than theirs. It was somewhat shaped like a naval vessel with a main deck and aftcastle, but it had no masts or traditional sails. Instead, it had "fins" like those of a great fish, made of canvas stretched between ribbing. Two of the fins were massive and extended well below the dock.

       "What manner of ship is that?" asked Rimardo.

       "I believe that the vessel is a tradesman," said Solisar.

       "Yes, that is what they call them," said Martho.

       "Where are its sails?" asked the pilot. "Do not even spelljammers need sails?"

       "They use the fins to catch the spell-winds instead," explained Martho. "Have us dock on the left. I am sure that that tradesman is the last outgoing shipment of the day.

       Their spelljammer came alongside the wooden platform and slowed to a stop. A worker there motioned to one of the sailors, who tossed the man a rope with which to tie them down.

       Oma, Nargroth, and Jayce remained on board with the sailors; the six other adventurers walked across the gangplank with Martho. Martho showed some sort of identification to the dock worker, who nodded and went about some other task.

       The dock was thirty feet wide and at least twice that long. From the middle of the dock was a metal set of stairs that rose 60 feet into the stone ceiling. At the end of the dock, a much narrower wooden bridge led to a large, open doorway through the back wall of the docking tunnel.

       "That is where the main warehouse and magical laboratory facilities are located," said Martho.

       The doorway was three times wider than the wooden bridge that passed through its center, and workers were guiding crates along the side of the bridge with wooden poles. The crates floated in the gravity plane adjacent to the two sides of the bridge, so workers needed only give them a gentle nudge to move them along, much like loggers might move timber down a river. Only when the crates reached the edge of the actual dock were winches and cranes needed to raise them onto the waiting cargo ship. The tradesman was currently being loaded thus, when the Frihet arrived.

       "We, however, are going to go upstairs to the corporate offices. Follow me."

       Martho led them up the six flights of stairs into the ceiling.

       It now felt like they were in a brick-walled building, lit with torches. There was a wide hallway with wood-paneled floors. Martho led them down it, and they entered into a wide open space. There were many people at work at desks here, each segregated off into separate workspaces by short wooden dividers. Several of the workers appeared to be deep in conversations, which confused the visitors at first, until they realized that these must be rings of sending.

       "Have you tried commanding the portal to activate first, sir," said one of the workers, as they passed, a look of deep frustration on his face.

       None of the workers in the room seemed to give them any mind, with the exception of two who simply nodded at Martho in recognition and greeting. It seemed like the giving of tours to visitors was a common enough occurrence to not warrant suspicion.

       They entered another hallway at the other side. Martho stopped them and said, "Wait here for a moment."

       He went back into the large work area and out of sight. Two women employees passed them, carrying bundles of scrolls. Again, they did not seem bothered by the presence of strangers standing there.

       Martho returned and beckoned them to follow again. The hallway made a sharp turn to the left, and they could see a figure about halfway down. Martho stopped them a second time. This time, he spoke in a quieter voice. "The room that I am taking you to is off-limits to visitors. So, here is the plan. Take this key. The next door on the right is the washcloset for males. All of you go in there. The door after that is the storage room for receipts. I will summon the hall guard ahead, who usually mans the door, and I will try to get him to follow me around the corner. That will be your chance to exit the washcloset and get yourselves into the storage room. Then shut the door again. Understood?"

       They all nodded.

       The plan, simple as it was, worked without a hitch. All of them soon found themselves hiding in the dark in a room with over a dozen wooden shelves loaded with crates full of parchment and scrolls. Soon, Martho joined them and shut the door behind him. "We should have time to search now," whispered Martho, "but keep your voices low and do not use any overly bright lights, because the guard may notice that it is more than just me in here now."

       Martho explained to them how things were organized by years and months and value and place of sale.

       When he notice a look of hopelessness on one of their faces, he said, "The good news is that the item that we are looking for was only sold for a limited period of time before being recalled, and I know roughly how much it would have sold for, so if we divide up the search, I am sure we can find it. It is only a four to six month period for us to search."

       They divided up and began to search through seemingly endless piles and bundles of receipts. Poor Kytharrah tried his hardest to help, but besides barely being able to recognize the letters that little sister had taught him, his large fingers were not very good at flipping through pages. He spent as much time sniffing the old papers as he did trying to read them. Solisar had told him to look for the letters R, O, and D, but the others were able to go through stacks about three times faster. He felt like he was losing this finding game, until....

       "Found it!" he said, probably too loudly.

       "Shh, Lunk!" whispered Szordrin.

       "One rule of this game is to speak very, very softly," said Solisar kindly.

       "Found it!" whispered Kytharrah.

       Kytharrah found no fewer than eight different receipts for the purchase of various magical rods over the next hour or hour and a half. By the time he actually found the receipt that they were truly looking for, no one expected it to be the correct one,... but it was.

       Szordrin swiped the receipt from his paws and read it:

    Receipt of Sale
    This document certifies
    that on
    Uktar 5 of the Year of the Banner
    has purchased and paid for
    1 (one) rod of intraplanar retracing
    for the full, asked price of
    480 (four hundred eighty) certified Lantanna platinum trade bars

       Everyone else gathered around.

       "That is a lot of gold coins," said Solisar.

       "The purchase was made with Lantanese money," said Hakam. "Samber made his purchase with Amnian tradebars. I do not know if that means anything."

       "Coliar is one of the Dawn Heralds," said Solisar. "It is not a star; it is actually the second planet from our sun. I am told that it is a massive planet, much larger than Toril, made primarily of air and clouds, but it contains thousands of floating islands, much like Thultanthar, I suppose."

       "Is Kaw-chi-wee-tee-tee some sort of address?" asked Hakam. The others shrugged, so Hakam turned to Martho, who was standing back, hoping that whatever it was that this group had found would result in some good to balance the evil done by the sale of the rod.

       "What is the question?"

       Hakam took the sheet from Szordrin and handed it to Martho. Szordrin let him take it and stood there in almost a daze. The others did not seem to notice, being curious to hear Martho's answer. Only Kytharrah noticed his little brother's odd expression and posture, but he did not know what to do or say about it. A few hours earlier, Szordrin had almost been eaten alive, and there was still poison in his system; maybe it was just that.

       "Is this an address on Coliar?" Hakam repeated.

       "Typically, we require customers to record their addresses, yes," Martho replied. "I have never been to Coliar or to any of the planets in this crystal sphere — I was hired from Krynn and live in Bral — but it must be some way of locating the customer on the planet of Coliar." He shrugged. "Every planet, every culture is different."

       "Does this look like any language that you know?" Hakam asked Solisar, who shook his head in response. Hakam prayed for Anachtyr to open his eyes and held his holy symbol over the receipt. "It is just a bunch of numbers," he said, "Four-two-zero-one-one."

       After another pause, Hakam asked the group, "The name Onran does not sound like a Lantanna name, does it? Jayce would know."

       "I also know," said Szordrin from the back, finally joining the conversation. "Onran Dranyr... was my master."

       "What?" said Leokas.

       "This is not possible," said Szordrin. "I found the broken rod in the hands of the murderer. Onran never possessed such a rod!"

       "How well did you know him?" asked Hakam. "Maybe he stole someone's identity."

       "I trusted him like a father, and I lived in his home. He also never once traveled in the time that I knew him. I met him in the Year of the Sword, when I was thirteen years old. He was at home in Guallidurth during Uktar of the Year of the Banner. That was three years after we first met. I found him dead early in the next year, the Year of the Gauntlet."

       "Martho," asked Belvin, "does someone have to make a purchase in person from the Consortium?"

       "No," said Martho. "Nearly all of our primary customers are learned and wealthy mages, all of whom, you must know, have many creative ways of communicating with us here to place orders. We have a good number of agents who make deliveries all over the planes and crystal spheres."

       Szordrin looked at each of his companions. "Is Coliar a place that we could visit? Can humans survive there?"

       "I believe so," said Solisar. "It must be much warmer, since it is closer to our sun. We could look into it more back at the Rock of Bral."

       "Oh, I hope that you can track this murdered back to Coliar and bring him to justice!" said Martho. "I will sleep so much better at night, knowing that this little breaking of the rules by me has led to some good."

       "Breaking of rules rarely leads to good," muttered Hakam, not loud enough for Martho to hear.

       "We will do our best," said Solisar.

       "Would you let us search for more receipts?" asked Szordrin of Martho. "We also know of another very, very evil man who purchased portals from your company."

       "Portals are our number one product!" said Martho. "We would never have a chance of finding such a receipt. As you have seen, nothing is organized by customer name."

       "Let us be sure to share this receipt with Jayce once we get back to the ship," said Hakam. "He may have some further insight or ideas. He also speaks Lantanna."

       "So do I," said Solisar.

       "Part of me wonders if there is some kind of word game in this receipt or its address," said Hakam, "like we have seen Samber use."

       "Do you think that there could be some sort of connection between Onran and Samber?" asked Szordrin, surprised at the suggestion.

       "What was name of Samber's childhood friend who disappeared?" asked Hakam. "The one that Jayce was telling us about?"

       "It was not Onran," said Szordrin. "I would have noticed that."

       Hakam looked like he was trying to remember. "No, it was not Onran, but it was Ronan. I recall it now. The name is an anagram!"

       "Interesting," Szordrin muttered softly.

       "We already know how much Samber likes to use anagrams," said Solisar.

       "Szordrin, what did your master look like?" asked Hakam.

       "He was a white-haired aasimar," said Szordrin. "His celestial features were about as subtle as my fiendish ones."

       "Jayce told us that the boy had been adopted by a gnomish family, that he had silver hair and golden eyes."

       "Yes, Onran's eyes were gold," Szordrin confirmed. "Onran was always mostly silent about his background. He did not like to talk about it much. When he took me under his wing, he explained to me that his family had done the same to him. He, too, had been adopted, but he never explained by whom or the details of it."

       "Everything matches up," said Hakam.

       "I also know that he was in the Underdark because he did not want to be found, but I do not know why."

       "I wonder what he was trying to hide in his past," said Hakam.

       "I never sensed that he was evil;" Szordrin clarified, "I have never met a man more good. I sensed that he had faced some great tragedy in his past. He simply wanted to leave that past and start anew, and it pained him to discuss it, so we did not."

       "Jayce never told us 'Ronan's' surname," said Hakam. "I wonder if he learned it but failed to mention it. We shall have to ask him. I would not be surprised if it is also an anagram."

       Szordrin and Solisar stared at the so-called address for a while, trying to figure out if it, too, was some sort of puzzle. Neither of the wizards could make anything of it.

       "Perhaps they are some sort of coordinates on Coliar," suggested Hakam.

       "That would make sense," said Solisar.

       "Martho, would you be able to speak to the scribe who wrote this receipt to find out more about this address?"

       "We do not track that information," said Martho, "but I am fairly certain that, whatever the customer tells the scribe who takes the order, that person writes down. Few questions are asked. If the customer wants to receive the product, it had better be a valid address for that world and race. The only ones in the Consortium who might know would likely be our workers who actually make the deliveries. One of our tour guides might also know. I could look into that for you."

       "We have tarried here for a long while now," said Solisar. "We should probably make a copy of this receipt and refile it and then see if good Martho here can get us all out of this room as smoothly as he got us in."

       They all agreed, and Solisar carefully copied down the information onto a sheet of paper.

       "How are we going to exit without being caught?" asked Leokas.

       "Here is my idea," said Martho. "I will exit again first, but I will drag one of these boxes of receipts with me, and I will ask for help carrying it back to the manager's offices. Just give me maybe two minutes, then you...."

       His plan was interrupted by the sound of human screams — one a scream of fear, the other a scream of pain — followed by loud thuds and banging outside the door.

       Szordrin did not hesitate and rushed to the back of the room. A few seconds later, multiple images of the wizard appeared around him.

       Martho ran to the door, and Kytharrah, Leokas, and Hakam followed behind him. Their guide opened the door. No hall guard was standing there, so he poked his head out to look down the hall.

       They heard him gasp in horror, and he immediately pulled himself back into the room.

       "Neogi!" Martho shouted, with a look of dread on his face.
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