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Pitax: Part one
There is always something on my mind, always something troubling me. I can't seem to leave behind all of these anxieties. You said, they are all gone, and that I am living in the light of a new dawn. Yet, I still feel trapped, trapped by the shadows of our families past.

Narrative: Pitax, a land falling into corrupt hands, failing to see was to come. It has fallen under siege by a nation born of pure corruption, Mivon. In the party's quest to make allies for they'er new nation and stop evil, corruption, and oppression. They find themselves on a boat sailing north towards the City of Pitax, so they can find two imprisoned noblemen of Pitax and save them from a scheduled execution in five days.
It was the dawn of a new day, I could feel Sarenrae's warmth from the sun and a cool breeze approaching from the northern winds. As I looked on ahead from the bow of our boat. I found myself looking at dead bodies hung from a rope, as if laundry hanging out to dry. Next to then, on the east side on land, A warning signed reads, "To he who crosses into the lands of Pitax, death awaits him, his kin, and countrymen." I quickly ordered our boat to halt before passing onto the boarder. Yet, somehow we need to keep moving forward and this was the fastest way to Pitax. I knew there must be some kind of trap, for there always seems to be one just after one ignores a warning sign. I looked thoroughly for any sign of guards or traps, I found none. Then, I decided to looked at the water, after all we are traveling by boat. The water was too dark and dirty to see into. Great place for a trap! I summoned my Celestial Aquain Armor to protect me, allow me to see, and breath underwater. Then I jumped in.

Almost immediately, I found myself trapped in a whirlpool. It seemed Water Elemental awaited for something to happen. Four of them, one at each corning at the boat, summoned a whirlpool and where trying to sink the boat. As, soon as I could figure out which was way up, I jetted in that direction dismissing my armor and flew 90 feet into the air, screaming, warning the crewmen and my fellow party members of the elementals. Azlant, first to react, cast some kind of Arcane spell and stunned one of the elemental on the front, right side of the of the boat. I then ordered the crew to drop the anchor on the now only whirlpool on the right side, hoping it would quickly turn our boat around so we may get out. Azlant, interrupted my order and demanded the crew to belay what I said and pull out the pushing poles, so we may push ourselves backwards. It seemed, dew to the whirlpools the river had grown too narrow and the boat would have crashed on shore should they have done what I said. Thankfully, the crew listened to Azlant and we pushed ourselves slowly out of danger. Each second we could hear the boat creaking and snapping, as if about to break at any point, until finally the Water Elementals backed off. We then pushed ourselves to shore seeing how the river passed was trapped, we would need to walk the rest of the way.

The boat was gravely damaged, so Neji, Azlant, and myself used our magic, Arcane and Divine, to mend the boat, plank by plank. It took almost all day. But, to insure the boat would not sink, to use it was worth it. We ordered the crew to sail back south to are Homeland and pick up any contracts along the way. The party decided to camp on shore.

That night I came up with an idea. I remembered how the sign implied that whoever crossed the boarder would have their country go to war with Mivon. So I asked if Azlant still had the tabors of Tymon, The ones he took from the knights after we killed them few weeks back as we where escaping the clutches of Ullorth Ungin. Lucky he did. I then asked everyone to put on one of the Tabors. This way should we be sighted, Mivon should go to war with Tymon. After all it would be fairly nice to have two major evil civilization, that are also our enemy, to go to war with another. Helps with the whole "Lowering of Evil Population" thing. Ariana did not like the plain. But in the end, she went along with it.

I cloaked my wings as we began to travel the next day. Not many people from Tymon have wings. in fact, almost no one in the River Kingdom has wings for that matter. Upon reaching the gates of Pitax, we found countless numbers of dead bodies and the commoners burning them. The Mivon guard at the gate did not seem surprised to see use, "travelers from Tymon". It was as if they where expecting us. I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised. They asked if we where the ones sent by Ullorth. Naturally we respond "uhh, ya", and thought to ourselves, thanks for the quick cover story guards. They just let us walk right in.

With our new cover story gained, we proceeded to role play the part of savage evil gladiator from Tymon. Azlant our fool, acted like normal. I felt at any point, being the Jinx he is, he would blow our cover. Thus, I got wonderful idea. A way to solve two problems at once. To end my horrible "Azlant Headache" and get one of us near the Noblemen we where here to save. I decided to give Azlant my Skeleton Key for safe keeping. I felt he would needed it sooner then myself with the idea I have just thought of. I recommend to the guards that we have Azlant be locked away in the jails until the day of the execution, for he is nothing but a fool, giving me a headache, and would not be needed until the day of the execution anyways. Honestly, none of which was a lie. The guards did as I asked.

Then they asked us to travel the Rose Tower. By the name of it, I wondered if my family had a relation to this place at one point in time. Once we arrived, we where borght into a room with several guards surrounding a dinner table full of food, with a human sitting all alone. He acted like who knew we where and tried to trick us into saying something that could give ourselves away. Thankfully, we did not fall for his tricks. After about an hour passed, the guest of honor finally showed his face, Raston Selline, Leader of Mivon. Raston sat down at the head of the table with his two body guards, who where clearly undead, standing directly behind him dressed the all black armor. He then continued to give us our cover story be asking us how we would be executing the prisoners in four days.

Cohen quickly spoke up giving horrid details of ways he could kill a man, after some time I was starting to feel a little sick. Listening to the way he talked, he was starting to remind me of "Kyrie Dominus Vox". Lucky I kept my posture. Raston looked as if he was greatly enjoying some of the things Cohen was talking about. Ariana, like myself did not. She asked to be excused to used the restroom. She left with two guards of Mivon at her side. Cohen then ended his conversation with, "...but in then end, I think I just do a traditional beheading." The man who we first meet got out of his chair and turned to Raston, "well if you'll excuse me my lord. I things to attend to." Raston, looking disappointed responded, "Well at least allow us to give you a toast in your honor. After all it was thanks to you and the Red Cloaks, that we where able to take Pitax in the first place." I don't remember most of the conversation after that, for my mind when blank, filling with shock and fury. Raston called him a Red Cloak and something told me he was not just any random member of the Red Cloaks. I was in such a state of shock, I didn't know what to do. Once I was finally was able to come to my senses, he had already left the room. It was a good thing Ariana was not in the room, for if she had been. I suspect our cover would have been blow as she run across the table in an attempt to behead the man.

After some time had passed, we heard a large commotion outside. The sound of sword fighting. Raston, did not even seemed to be bothered by it. All the remaining guards in the room except for the two undead ones, quickly ran outside to see what was going on. I wanted to know what was going on myself. Should there by a resistance taking action, I wanted to help them. Of course, without blowing my cover or getting caught. I asked Raston is he would mind if I joined in on the fighting. I lied, explained how I had not caused bloodshed in such a long time and would love the opportunity to freshen my skills. Thankfully, he believed me. I quickly ran outside, uncloaked my wings, and flew into the sky turning myself invisible. I found the two noblemen being protected by a few more then 20 guardsmen heading for the docks now trapped at a chock point. They where out numbered three to one. I flew over to try and see what I could do to help...
Session: Book Two: The Hunt for the Red Cloaks; Chapter One: Akakios the generous fiend. - Saturday, Oct 19 2013 from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Book One Chapter 2

The group walked into a temple of Orcus but found they where not alone. Thwarting the plans of an evil orc and dark elf obtained a sword for a Jaxxas Longleg. Here is where our heroes leave off.

The band of heroes that people like to refer to as the tortured gladiators found a ship that the shackle pirates of outsea asked to return. Using what little knowledge they had, they where able to sail the ship a few miles north into port, causing only a small amount of damage, they were immediately surrounded at the dock.

While climbing off the ship an orc head rolled off the ramp of the ship and onto the dock. Zanithar and arianna stand on the ship and yell, "Fear not citizens the murder has been defeated and the ship he stole has been returned."

Cohen and Phaedrus push past off the dock. Meanwhile Azlant sings a tune to get everyone to calm down, and a few pirates start to cheer at the return of the "Prisley Dancer".

Arianna and Zanithar look around and realize that Velkesh must have slipped down the anchor. They both continue into town early in the morning.

You all can hear Zanithar preaching to the people getting boos but the crowd does seem interested in what he has to say.

Arianna heads toward the Inn and the shackle leader to discuss business.

Syrio Stays at the docks to teach the pirate the way of the sword and Phaedrus teaches them how to ride a horse.

You all hear of a attack imminent on the city but Cohen says "Dont worry ill crush a couple of skull and be back just in time for dinner, bandits dont worry me."

By the end of the night you are all in the Inn and are visited by Timbers, he thanks you for what you have done an you all free rooms for the remaining of the week an services in his brothel. He drops a sack of coins on the table and leaves.

You continue your dinner and drinking, an then a group of privateers and "The Blue Fox" enter the establishment, he drops a sack of coins on the table. He looks at you all and says, "Glad you could return the ship, though its too bad its crew isnt still alive. If any of you are interested we could use a crew like you at least till its next port, where we can pick up more able bodies, you let me know." He leaves a wound up scroll on the table, "This is its next destination, in case your wondering." He takes a big mug of ale and gets a table in the corner.

You all look to discuss and notice azlant is missing as in the corner he starts playing and singing about your adventure into the cave.

Just when you think all is well Jaxxas longleg takes the empty seat flips it backward and sits down and asks, so did you get my sword?....

(This is where our session continues)...
Session: Book one: Welcome to the River Kingdoms; Chapter three: the festival of the burning blades - Saturday, Jun 29 2013 from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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I'm scared, don't know where to go. Always wondering in this life
Completely lost. I'm not safe here, In this life. I Can't escape and can hardly bear it. Always searching for something. Anything that can get me out.

The next morning we all decided to meet up in the tavern to decide what we would do. The previous night we were asked to find a sword that is inside some cave. Now, we didn't know if we should help find this sword for the reward he offered or if we should continue on to Avendale. The reason why we where even debating we due to a letter found in the tavern that we were staying in. The letter said:

Yet another poetic tale of combat in the arena has passed. With the hot summer heat Tymon has brought us new fighters to our lands. Theses people are from all over Glorian who also brought us a show our people have never seen before. But before I could meet them personally they had just simply disappeared. These fighters are the most sought out gladiators, even greater than Granglefist the bloody! It has brought almost an uprising in Tymon that Ullmog has had no answer to their disappearance. Ullmog had asked that if anyone sees theses fighters there is a 500gp reward if they are to brought back so that they can continue to fight in the arena, he will consider them honored fighters upon there return.

There was also a poster on the wall next to the letter, asking for help to find some missing ship. We did not pay to much to this poster for we knew it had nothing to do with us and we already had a lot of things to do as it was. We also did not want to stay in this place for to long. After all we were still debating about whether or not we would go looking for this sword or not.

As we were debating this, an old "friend" decided to join us at the table. Now keep in mind, when I say friend, I use the term loosely in this case. It was a halfling who liked to go by "Azlant the Magnificent!" He had long red hair and brown eyes. He had an athletic build to him even if he looked like a small half-elf child. He had on a wide brimmed hat, multi-colored cloak, leather craftsman vest, knee high boots, and a mithril shirt. I first ran into him in the hold cells of the arena, we were both in the same cell. I person did not have that much of a problem with him, that is except for every time he was around something bad would magically happen. I remember this one time when I was walking from our holding cell to training grounds, back when I first arrived, my loincloth seemed to have relocated itself to be a hair tie for mister "Magnificent". I didn't even notice until a guard started laughing at me tossing me a different loincloth from a dead trainee as we got to the the training grounds.

We got all caught up and welcomed him to join us, after all friends a few and far between right now, even if they are loincloth stealing ninjas. We were just about to come up with a decision on what to do, my damn "good boy mentality" kicked in as I overheard two drunks talking about how some sex tease place closed down due to murders. It seemed some of the strippers their were getting killed. Naturally I had to do something about this. I got up from the table telling everyone that I would rejoin them later tonight. I did not want my needs of helping other slow down the party on there goals. However it seemed that they wanted to join me. I was kinda shock about this.

We headed over to the location where the women worked at to find more clues so we could solve this murder. I don't want to get into all the details, but the door found itself to magically unlock like how my loincloth magically disappeared all that time ago and the door just opened on its own... As we enter asking if anyone was here, we found a naked man showing all his glory telling us that the place was closed for the day. After I got down apologizing to just walking in and explained our goals he kindly lets us in offering us a drink.

After an in depth investigation from questions about what he and his female friend knew we discovered that the two were known to work on the side for extra gold, selling there bodys as sex toys. It seemed a half-orc was last seen with the two.

We then felt we should investigate the homes of the two. There we found the horrific scene of death inside each of the homes. Who ever killed each of them, did not do so for sexual pleasure. The entire house except for the beds, were covered in blood, as if painted my a mad man. We took a few hours to see if we could find any clues. None were found.

After our failure at the house we went back to the "Sex Tease House". We felt it might be a good idea to re-open the place. After all we were hitting dead ends. We agreed that it would be a good idea for Vel and Ariana to dress up as two "wenches" so thhey could be decoys as the rest of us males went in as "customers". I must admit, I always did find Ariana attractive, mainly due to her high valor, righteousness, and purity, but the way she was dressed... She was smoking hot. I kept getting jealous everytime that someone would slap her on the ass or go for a quick "feel". So much so that I casted Sanctuary on her.

After some time passed a half-orc matching the owners description came in, sat down as a table, and ordered some ale. Vel quickly noticed and used her body's charms to gather some information. After a few minutes, Ariana decide to join them bringing some freash ale. She did not join Vel in the vary erotic lap dance, that even I was starting to get sexulay aroused just by watching. Then again it has been a few years since I even had sex so I guess I should not have been shocked. Once the lap dance was over, she persuaded him with easy that they should go back to her place for an even better time and asked that Ariana joined them. After all two is fun, but three, now thats a party.

The three of them left the place, and the rest of use were not too far behind following, watching every move. Luckily for us, he was too drunk to notice use. Vel and Ariana started to take him to one of the two homes that had been a crime seen to one of the murders. As soon as he noticed the house, he knew something was wrong. He tried to run, however I was quick to cast Hold Person on him. This gave us time to aggressively question him. I don't know if it was thanks to the booze in his system and/or my persuasive personality, but we found out that he was not behind the murders and the person who was behind them was hiding in the cave just outside of town. The same cave that the sword we needed to find was in. We "kindly" knocked him out and tied him up, then dropped him off with the owner of the Sex Tease House to watch over. We asked that he does not kill him.

Now with a new lead we felt it was time to explore this cave everything keeps point us to. Shortly after we enter we walk right into a trap. Three of my companions fall into a spike trap one took a lot of damage but I was able to quickly heal him up. We knew we were on the right trail. After all, if there are traps then there is something worth protecting. Once we got passed the trap, the cave showed us two paths. We peeked at the one on the right, discovering that it was a path to a hidden dock, inside was a ship that matched the description of the stolen ship in the poster at the Inn we were staying at. Me decided we would come back to that later. We back tracked and went left this time.

The path we took brought us to an altar for Orcus. Ariana explained to us that Orcus is one of the demon lords with the most aggresive intentions on the Material Plane but his influence on Golarion is relatively small. The only places where Orcus has any real cults (rather than the lone madmen who typically turn to demon worship) is in Geb and some of the isolated, backwater areas of shadowy Nidal. While his devout followers claim Orcus is merely biding his time before making some grand move on Golarion, a more realistic reason is intense competition with the more popular cults of Zura and Urgathoa. Orcus's Abyssal home is desolate Thanatos, an undead-haunted, ruined city where life is all but unknown. She went on to describe him saying, he has a fearsome appearance, though he certainly looks more human than some of the other demon lords like Dagon and Zevgavizeb. Orcus takes the shape of a fat humanoid with the head and cloven feet of a demonic ram, the wings of an enormous bat, and a tail ending in a stinger. It was safe to say this was not someone we wanted to make angry.

The altar seemed to be some kind of puzzle lock for the giant steel door in front of us. Mr. Magnificent used his skills to solve the puzzle. Once open Ariana and Syrio we the first to walk in, and the first to fall for the trap. As soon as they walked into the room, the doors slammed shut locking them in. Right as the doors closed I could not even feel them with the power of Milani. I started to panic, I was frozen with fear, I didn't know what to do. Did they die? Was Orcus in there? What was happening inside? before I knew it the door started to open again. It seemed as I froze the other started to work on getting the door open. Right as the got the door open a wave of fire shot out burn myself and some others. There was a magical darkness inside I could not see a thing, however I could once again feel the two again with the powers of Milani. Everyone ran into the darkness but myself. I stayed in the light and healed everyone I could sense. Over some time the darkness final went away, and luckily with none of my friends dyeing in the process. The same could not be said for the half-orc that lied on the ground now starting to gain the pale color of death. Just as we thought it was over, a fire ball came from the end of the hallway on the side we had yet to explore. But before we could get there, whoever had acted that fire ball, disappeared.

After our little adventure in the cave we decided it was time to leave and what better way than to travel in style. Like, in a stolen pirate ship that is worth 3,000g, that is of course once we hand it over to its owners, "the Shackle Pirates of Outsea". I must admit it did cause some confusion when we got back to the outpost. I guess the whole thing about us smashing it into the docks did not help our case much either, but what would you expect. None of us where exactly professional sailors. We were immediately surrounded at the dock, upon crashing. We felt it would cause less tension if we showed off a little and make a "dramatic" entrance. With this in mind, we decided it would be a good idea to roll the Orc's head down the ramp as Ariana Leonriel of Kyonin and myself Stood up yelling to the people, "Fear not citizens, the murder has been defeated and the ship he stole has been returned." The crowed cheered. I was kinda shocked as how easy they were to please, even with the bad one liner. As the crowd was cheering Cohen the Barbarian and Phaedrus of Casmaron pushed past us running off the docks. They must have been in a hurry. To help the crowed calm even faster, Azlant the Magnificent began to sing a tune. Mr. Magnificents may be one of the most irritating, obnoxiously-annoying people I know, but man is he skilled when it comes to singing. That guy has the voice of an angel. Which I guess makes sense seeing that if you put some white holy clothes on him, he would look like a half-elf quire school boy. Nevertheless, the people started to leave after awhile, most of which traveled to the "Prisley Dance." Arianna and myself suddenly looked at each other, same thought in mind, "did anyone lower the anchor?" Thankful Velkesh Tallar was way ahead of us and had already lowered the anchor.

That night the whole outpost was in high spirits, so much so that there was a festival. Everyone drank, cheered, parties, feasted, sang, danced, toasted, and even I gave a speech, feeling that this would be a grate time to try and convert some people to the way of Milani.

Zanithar's Speech
My good people, I come to you with joyest news! The Lady Milani is here for you. To help you with your freedom in life! She is here to fight against oppression and unjust rule wherever it is found! I know you all enjoy to drink, fight, gamble, and have sex from sundown to sunup, and I just want you to know there is nothing wrong with having fun! Even the lady would agree with you on this one. The only things she asks is that you do not harm other without a just reason, that you take that extra step to help someone who is being oppressed.

Like all of us, she was mortal one, human at that. Until the death of Aroden in 4606 AR, the goddess Milani was simply one of dozens of saints within the Last Azlanti's faith. She was the beacon of hope to all those who fought against repressive regimes, giving courage to those who had little but their desire to live a free life. The death of her patron, combined with the tremendous upheaval and suffering that followed his death, gave her a focus and attracted many new followers. Those devoted to her found the courage to organize the rebellions against the infernal takeover of the Chelaxian Empire, helping many of her outlying territories break free of its control. They fought against the slow slide into barbarism, restoring people's hope that a just and good society could be restored. Milani has never been as popular as Aroden's other followers, such as Iomedae, perhaps because the Inheritor's worship had already been firmly established before their patron's passing.

Because of her faith and show of bravery she was rewarded with a small part of Aroden's former domain on the plane of Axis and now she is a goddess, one of great power. If you show true faith one day you too may gain your own domain.

The people seemed to react to the speech with a few boos. However I could tell that most the the boos were more of a "I'm just gonna boo cause everyone else is and I don't wanna look like a fool." I could tell that my words reached some of the people. I know at this moment in time, that the people of Outsea would wish to learn more about the ways of Milani. After some time passed, mainly to let my words soak into the hearts of the people, I felt that this would be a good time to ask the people to put money together to help build this town a Temple in the ladies name and I will start the donation with 100g.

I could still sense the peer pressure in the area, for only two people were brave enough to admit there desire to learn more. One of which was a man by the name of Samuel Drown. Samuel is the Outsea's only Brewer. The towns leading source for Ale and we all know how people of the pirate lifestyle love there ale. Samuel approached me, with a feeling of discovery upon his face saying, "I believe Milanai is what I have been looking for in my life. All the drinking I have been doing, I have been avoiding where my heart should go. With this donation I hope a temple can be established and more people can join our faith." Please with this I asked, "Samuel, it pleases me to see one who sees the Light of Milani's way. It is with your help that I ask if you can add a small flier to the people of Outsea, Explaining the ways of Milani and asking people to join together one day a week so that they may all learn more. Seeing how you know the most about this place, you should pick the location that we all meet up."Samuel more then pleased responded with, "So you want ME to host a meeting? Well, right in my brewery is by far the best location. I can serve Alcohol and we can discuss the ways of Milani!" At first I was kinda taken back by this idea, serve Alcohol at a gathering? No one has ever heard of such an idea. Yet, the more I thought about it, it was not a horrible idea. After all, nowhere in the teaching of Milani does she frown upon the drinking of Ale as they celebrated Milani's ways. Infact she was a warrior of the light herself before she ascended to godhood. Like most warriors, I am sure she celebrate in the company of ale at least once or twice in the life. However, there should be something to make it seem more justified as a reason. It was then that I thought of an idea, "That sounds like a fine idea, there is nothing like a group of people getting just and have a good time talking about things they enjoy all in the name of Milani! However, Seeing how this is to better support the church of Milani, may I ask that you donate a percentage of your prophets to the church. Yo know, to help it grow faster!" He seemed to be somewhat calm and mellow with his answer at first, "A percentage of my profits go to the church.... I will be happy to, when I get them would you would want me to save up enough to build a church here in Outsea? I'm not a man who wants to see the peoples money here in outsea, be sent to somewhere far far away. We are starting to get used to calling this home, which is a rare occurrence for us sea lovers." With a smile I told him, "Well yes, that is the main goal. I wish for each place I travel to to gain a church in the name of Milani. All the donation gained from this outpost would be going toward the Churches construction, upgrades, and costs. Honestly, seeing your love for Milani has shown me that you are the one chosen by Milani herself to guide the people of Outsea to salvation. *Hands him a "Bible" of Milani* With this, I wish for you to be the one to run the church and teach the people Milani's ways!"

Arianna and myself heads toward the Inn. She was talking to the Shackle Pirate leader to discussing business of some kind. I was feeling exhausted from todays endeavors, so I started to head to the room I had been renting so I am try and sleep. I was first stopped by Timbers, the Inn keeper. He thanked me for what we all have done and informed me that all the room are now free rooms for the remainder of the week and offered free services in his brothel. He drops a sack of coins on a table and left. Everyone else in the group I had been traveling with had started to come back to the Inn at this time. I Informed them of the information, as they were all starting to order dinner. Just as I started to head to the stair so I may finally go to bed, yet another group came in. A group of privateers called "The Blue Fox", The leader dropped a sack of coins on the table where the other were eating. He looked at me and then everyone at the table saying, "Glad you could return the ship, though its too bad its crew isn't still alive. If any of you are interested we could use a crew like you at least till its next port, where we can pick up more able bodies. You let me know." He left a wound up scroll on the table, showing the ships next destination. He takes a big mug of ale and gets a table in the corner. Mr.Magnificent got up and played a song, this did not help my exhaustion. So I went to my room. I was feeling parched, most likely from all the ale I have been drinking. It made me wonder if what I did was wrong, if teach that Milani is fine with people drink in her name was the right thing to do. Even if it was to help unite people into her teaching. I poured a glass of water and drank half of it to help quench my thirst. I left the rest of the water on the nightstand next to the bed and went to sleep. that night I had a dream sent to me from Milani herself:

I dreamt of ale and wine. People in an inn drink from wine that has been blessed by Milani. I noticed none have been disease or sickness, through their religion they have been brought peace. As I watch this joyful scene an unknown voice from behind me said, "In the history lavish drinking and faith are rare, and to absolve them of their aggression and of their sickness, it is an option my child." When I turned to look to see who it was I awoken

The glass of water by my bedside had been turned to wine, a clear sign from Milani herself.
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