This campaign is an epic series of deep story telling and intrigue. It requires full player participation to run a game, and commitment is paramount. Habitual no-show players will not be welcome in this group, and notifying me of any planned absences is a must.

The year is 1579 DR, the Year of the Underking, one hundred years since the events at the Temple of Dunes took place in The Year of the Ageless One.
An adventuring band known as The Wardens of the Crimson Sky are making their mark across Faerûn.

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Before the attack on Loudwater that brought the Wardens together, the town suffered the rise to power of the Lady of Shadows. This short story tells the tale of how Narrows was recruited into her ranks.
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Episode 2.3
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"Loose Ends"
Spotlight: Narrows

The Wardens of the Crimson Sky had learned that the Prophet of Spellgard will give them all the answers they need regarding Loagrann's spellwards... but first, the Zelbross Bandits must die!

At the end of Marpenoth the "Machine" built by the Zelbross Bandits will be completed. With Narrows' inside knowledge the Wardens might be able to eliminate this dastardly threat in one fell swoop, but is the tiefling being entirely truthful?
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Episode 2.2
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Part 1:
"Double Dragon"
Spotlight: Lord Norfire, Narrows

The Wardens track down Curuvar's would-be-assassin and Narrows reveals his intentions. While they venture deeper into the enemy's secret lair, the adventurers face off against bugs, dragonborn and their kobold minions, and much worse.


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Part 2:
"Guardians Eternal"
Spotlight: Kinn

Far beneath Loudwater the Wardens meet the ghost of an insane headless Loagrann mage; one who may be the key to getting past the spellwards around Loagrann College. Inside the College awaits a key piece of Victor's past, and its recovery depends on the smallest Warden of all.
Session: Episode 2.2 Part 1: "Double Dragon" - Wednesday, Aug 03 2011 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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Season 2: Raiders of the Lost Art, Episode 2.1
"The Devil You Know"
Spotlight: Victor, Lord Norfire

The Lady of Shadows is dead and Loudwater has been saved, for now. As the heroes rush off to find Curuvar and see how their mage friend fared against the devil-possessed Elena Moonfire, they get more than they bargained for and must make a critical choice.
Two new Wardens join under very different circumstances, and a surprise meeting with the rival adventuring band Griefer's Grim Blades may result in new bonds or broken bones.


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Session: Season 2: Raiders of the Lost Art, Episode 2.1 - Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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Episode 1.8
Click to read "The Lair of Shadows"
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